Trello-Creating a card from any webpage

Trello is a great collaboration tool. It can be used to save Images, Text or Links which other people in the Board can see. It is fast, simple and easy to use. To create a card for links one need not go the Trello website to create them. It can be done from any website.

Suppose you are Interested to share a link with your  Trello Members, you could use the “Send Trello” in your bookmarks and specify which board and list you want that link to get saved and then it would add that to the list.

Now you must be wondering how would you get the “Send Trello” in your bookmark list. Let me tell you how!

Steps for saving the “Send Tello” to your bookmark list

  1. First go to this link
  2. Drag the “Send to Trello” link to your bookmark list.

And that’s it, now it is saved in your bookmark list.


Steps to create a card with the website link

  1. Goto the website of Interest.
  2. Then in your bookmarks, click on “Send to Trello”.
  3. A Dialog box would open, Specify the name of the board and list wher you want to add the card.


Congratulations, you have now created a Trello card without visiting the Trelolo Website


Destination Dispatch Elevators

Elevators have been around for quite a while now. It has become a requirement for every tall building around the world. Over the years, there has been a big transformation in terms of the technology used in the elevators. They now tend to go more faster and are more secure.In case in an event of a power failure which happens quite often in developing countries, the elevator has a backup, to get to the nearest level. A noticeable change is the doors. Earlier it used to be manual doors, where a person would have to literally pull the doors side ways in order to close it. There would normally be two doors in the elevator. Now obviously everything is automated.

One major change which has taken place quite recently, is the Introduction of Destination Dispatch Elevators. They are quite different from the normal elevators in the sense that these elevators have fixed destinations or levels which they can go to. So instead of giving the option of going from 1-20 in a 20 story  building. It would only allow you to got to a set of destinations.


There is normally a main console which is located in the aisle where the elevators are present. Here you could choose any level which you would like to go to. Once you select a level, it would tell you the elevator to take. It is akin to buses. Buses have specified routes and there are many buses. Once you come to a terminal and decide your destination, the  person at the ticket counter will tell you which bus to take.

Destination Elevators are slowly making an appearance on high rise buildings. It is claimed to save waiting time because of the approach it adopts. It would take a while to get used to, bu. once you get the hang of it, it is just like any other elevator 🙂


Chrome-Having Multiple Startup Pages

Having a startup page is a good way to keep track of things. The default page for Chrome is the Google Search Page. Many of you would know how to change the default page to something else. One could have a news page or any other page of Interest. But do you know that Instead of having one startup page, you could have multiple ones as well?

One could create as many tabs he/she wants. So once it launches those tabs would load up automatically. Let’s see how we could do that.

Steps to have multiple startup pages

  1. Goto the Chrome Menu Bar.Downloads
  2. Click on Settings.


3. Goto the section “On Startup”.

Untitled (2).png

4. Click on the radio button “Open a specific page or set of pages“.

5. Click on the “Set Pages” Hyperlink.


6. The Startup Pages Dialog Box will appear. Paste the url which you would like to appear on Startup in the “Enter URL” Box.

Untitled (3).png

7. Once you paste it, you could still add more links. Once you are done, Click OK.


Now, the next time you launch the Chrome Browser, all of tabs would be loading automatically.

Commenting on Files

Comments are a good way to add some additional Information to your code. The Information is not the actual code but some Text which would make someone reading the code understand it’s functionality. You could describe what each function or method does. This actually saves a lot of time if this practice is followed. Since, if some one had to implement additional functionality in your code, he could do so without wasting too much time to understand your code.

Every Language has it’s own way to add comments. HTML and PHP also have a way to comment. Even though sometimes the HTML code and PHP code are written in the same file, the commenting methodologies are different. Let me list out the ways one could comment on HTML and PHP.

Commenting Methodologies


<!— Text –>





As you would notice the commenting ways are distinctly different. You would observe that each language would have it’s own ways to comment.So , Irrespective of the Language you code, it is always good to know the commenting syntax for it.

Setting up a WIFI Router

Setting up a WIFI Router is not intimidating as it appears to be. There are many routers of different kinds and varieties but all of them would have a similar Installation procedure. And Installing them does not take too much time too! The key here is to be organised and follow the Instructions as given in the manual.

Let’s see what do we normally get when we buy a Router.

Package Contents

  1. Router
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Ethernet Cable
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable

This is what you would normally get when you open the Router package. In order to set up you the router, one would need all the Items mentioned above and one more thing, the modem.


Once you have everything ready, follow these steps-


Steps to Install the Router

  1. Unplug the modem. If the modem was already connected to another router, disconnect the cable between the router and modem. Ensure that the modem is turned off and is only connected to the wall jack of your Internet service.
  2. Now plug your modem back in. Use the Ethernet Cable that came with the package to connect the modem with the Internet port of your router.
  3. Connect the power adapter to your router. And plug it to a power supply.
  4. Wait for the Light in the Router to turn green.
  5. Now connect your Laptop to the Router using the Preset Wifi Settings which come with your router.

Once connected, you are all set! And ready to surf the net!


Live Tiles

Today’s websites have amazing user experience. Most of them tend to be responsive and have a good blend of content and design. It is appealing to the eye.  But many of you would not have the same opinion for SharePoint websites. Not User friendly and old fashioned might be some of the attributes people might have to say.

LiveTiles is a tool which could be used for this purpose.  It is a UI layer built over SharePoint to give an enhanced user experience. The web designs developed using LiveTiles can be compared to any modern website.

One of the key features of LiveTiles is that is very easy to develop pages or sub pages using it.  It has got a Drag and drop feature which enables you to add or remove Tiles from a web page.

The Announcements list in SharePoint can be made to display in a form of a News Carousel in the home page.  Everything is laid out in a grid like structure. This enables one to easily place a Tile to the position they want. And you could add custom CSS code to it.

Overall it is a good tool to show someone how you could quickly transform a SharePoint site into something that might look different 🙂

SharePoint Designer-New Lists in DropDown

SharePoint Designer is a great tool to customize and create Workflows. One of the common Actions which are used in WorkFlows is Create Item. And once you select that action, one has to basically specify the list where the action is performed. Sometimes when you create a new List in SharePoint it does not appear in the Create Item dropdown. You might try refreshing it, but it still does not appear.

In this case, what one can do is to close the SharePoint Designer Application using the X on the top right hand corner. And then re launch the Application.  Now you would see the new list appearing in the Create Item DropDown 🙂 .