WordPress-Downloading a Theme

Once can download themes pretty much from any source which claims to have WordPress themes. And one can download and Install as many themes he/she would like provided they have a wordpress.org account along with a hosting service. So in order to download and Install a WordPress theme one has to follow these steps.


  1. Download a zip file from a source which provides WordPress themes.
  2. Launch the WordPress admin panel.
  3. Goto Appearance.
  4. Then goto Themes
  5. Select the Install Themes tab.
  6. Click on the Upload link.
  7. Select the file.
  8. Click on the Install Now button.
  9. Click Activate

By now the theme should be Installed and you are ready to use your new theme 🙂 !


Harvest- Un Invoicing Time Sheet

Harvest is a company which has developed a time sheet application. It is a fairly intuitive application where the user or the employee of the company can log in hours for the work done each week.

Even though I have mentioned that it is intuitive but at the same time we as administrators get to hear problems or Issues which totally arises due to a mistake on part of the user.

One of the common Issues is that the TimeSheet is locked and it doesn’t allow one to add any more entries. There can be again many causes for it. One of the reasons is that the user clicks on the “Submit for Approval” button without filling out the whole sheet. And then it gets locked.

Sometimes in this case all the entries might get Invoiced, so one has to Uninvoice it in order to allow the user to add in entries. But first the administrator has to “Withdraw Approval”. Then one has to goto Reports->Detailed Time and create a filter around the projects which need to be un invoiced. Even it is for a particular person, run the filter for all the members of the project. This is very important otherwise it will not work.

And now you should the see the whole timesheet unlocked. 🙂

Setting up Subdomains

Subdomains can be used for many different purposes. Like setting up another section for your website. It is not too complicated to set up a subdomain.

The steps would be as follows-
1. Login to the CPanel of your hosting account.
2. Scroll down to the domain section.
3. Click on Subdomains
4. Enter the name of the subdomain you want to create.
5. Select the domain name.
6. Click Create

This would create a subdomain  with the name you specified. And this would also create a folder with the same name under the root directory where you could deploy your files.

Changing resolution of the Image using Adobe Phototshop

One of the most popular products from Adobe is the Photoshop. It is widely used by many as their photo editing tool.

One of the main qualities of Adobe is that most of the basic operations can be done quite easily such as Changing the resolution of the image.

As we all know images have a standard format in which the resolution is defined : width x height. And generally the unit of measurement is pixels. For example 500x 720 would be 500 pixels width and 720 pixels height.

Let’s see how we can change the resolution of an Image. Changing the resolution is basically changing the height and width of the Image. So if the original Image had a resolution of 800 x 1200 , we could change it to 400 x 800.


1. Launch Adobe Photoshop.
2. On the panel at the top click on Image.
3. Scroll down the drop down and click on Image Size
4. Enter the new width and height of the Image
5. Uncheck Constrain Proportions.

And apply it. You would notice that your new changes have been applied.


Subdomains are used in websites quite often. There can be many reasons why one would want subdomains in a website. But before moving on to the reasons, let’s see what a subdomain is?

A Subdomain is basically a domain name which lies below the root domain in the hierarchy tree.

http://www.example.com/  is a website with ” example” as the main domain name. I am taking this as an Illustration since IANA also known as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority allows us to use it freely. IANA is a non profit organization which manages the IP Address Space and Allocation.

Now with this domain name we could have a subdomain called as events. It would look something like this http://www.events.example.com/ . Please note that this is not an active link and it is only for Illustration purposes.  This basically creates a folder called “events” under the root directory “example”.

Let’s understand the hierarchy here.

Given this http://www.events.example.com/

.com  is the first level domain

example is the second level domain

events is the third level domain


Now why would one want to have a subdomain?

The reasons could be many. But the main objective would be to add another section to the website. Suppose a website specializes in books (http://www.books.com/) and they want to expand and Include office supplies in their business. They could have a subdomain called “office” which would only include Information regarding office supplies. It would look something like this http://www.office.books.com/

So rather than having both Books and Office Supplies in one Page we are  segregating it so that each one has it’s own focus. And at the same time it is not two separate entities, since the subdomain is always linked to the root domain. It’s like a Parent->Child relationship.

Subdomains helps us to organize and manage content better.



Django-Web Application

Django is a popular application framework used by web developers. It is mainly used by Python developers who want to have a web application. Since in python if one doesn’t use a framework then the application would be a series of scripts. And the scripts have to be executed in a shell.

If nothing specific is done on the application it would just run locally within your computer only. So if one has to broadcast his/her application to the outside world it has to be embedded in a framework.

Most of the frameworks nowadays follow the MVC Architecture also known as Model View Controller. Apart from Django the other frameworks which follow this architecture are Spring, AngularJS and many other frameworks.

So in order to build web applications nowadays it would be always good to get the basics of MVC architecture. There are a countless number of tutorials in the net which would help you get a basic understanding of MVC Architecture.