Windows-Cannot detect external display

There may be times when you encounter situations where your laptop cannot detect an external display even though it is connected. There can be many causes for this. The obvious  is to check whether your laptop is properly connected to the external display and your monitor is powered ON.


The next thing is to go to your Display Settings. Open the Run Window (Ctrl+R) and type desk.cpl, this would take you to the Display Settings Window.

Screenshot (45)

Now that you are In the Settings page click on the undetected monitor.

Screenshot (46)

Scroll down and under the Multiple Displays dropdown, select Extend these Displays. Now your monitor should be back in life!!



Routers with usb

Most of the premium routers now days have a USB port with it. Now you may wonder what is the significance of having a USB port?

A USB port is very useful in case you want to share data across the network. So in case one wants to share Information across to a group of people connected to the same WiFi network, he/she can easily do so by Inserting the USB in the USB port.

Another common use is to connect the USB port to a printer. So anyone in the network can print documents.

Normally routers have more than one usb port. They have a USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 port. This extends the possibilities of what you would like to achieve.

Router Interference 

Router Interference 

There may be times when you try to setup a new router and you happen to have the old router which is connected nearby. Once the router is setup, one would get a default SSID  name displayed on the list of available WIFI connections.

But what if you want to customize the SSID name? For a Netgear router, one would have to goto this site . This would take you to the Netgear Dashboard for your router. From here you could goto the Wireless settings page where you can change the default SSID name and password to the one that you want and then update it.

But here is the catch, once you try updating it for some reason you would find that both the routers have the same SSID and password! This could happen since both the routers are kept close to each other.

If that happens then you would have to reconfigure the network name for one of the routers. While doing so make sure that  you turn the other router off before you start reading configuring the router. That is very important, if you don’t happen to follow that then it might lead to another interference.

The Antennas of Routers and speed don’t go hand in hand

Most of the routers in the market today have the latest WiFi standard which is 802.11ac. This standard offers higher speeds compared to the previous standard. With the latest version, the support for Antennas on routers goes up to 8! Even though the highest number of Antennas installed so far on a router are only 6.

Many people have this misconception that higher the number of Antennas on a router, the greater the speed. This is not true. There is no correlation between speed and the number of Antennas.

Antennas improve the range of your router and it also aides in handling a larger number of devices. So basically if you have a large house and the requirement is that you need good wifi coverage a cross all rooms then one should go for a router with a larger number of Antennas.

Printer-Word Documents not accepted

You might find yourself printing a word document and printing it. Suppose your printer only accepts flash drives, you might observe that the file which you had just saved in your drive is missing. Or in other words the printer cannot locate or recognize your word file.

In this case either your flash drive is not operating correctly or it might be something else. For the first case you could check by reformatting your drive and then Inserting it. If that doesn’t work, then try converting your Word file into PDF.  Versions of Microsoft Word from 2013 onwards give you the functionality of easily saving your document as a PDF. Now save this PDF in your flash drive and try printing it. You would see that the printer now recognizes this file which happens to be a PDF document and it is printing it.

So the bottom line is that there are some printers which don’t print Word files and the only solution is to convert it to a PDF document.

Tips for connecting your usb to a printer

Most of the printers available now days can be connected to the WiFi network. In this case it is quite seamless to print documents from across devices. 

But unfortunately we still have printing devices that are old school and don’t have that facility. So in this case the only way to print a document would be to either wire up the printer with your laptop or use a thumb drive. 

More often than not when you try and connect the thumb drive to the printer it might either.not recognize your device or even if it recognizes it it can’t recognize the files in your drive.

Well either way presents quite an unpleasant situation especially if you need the documents urgently. Fortunately there is a solution for the second case. But make sure you have the files in your drive backed up somewhere. So the solution is to reformat your drive which would probably not take too long depending on the size and the amount of files stored.

Once you reformat the drive, the printer most likely would recognize your flash drive.

Windows-Set as Default Communication Device

While playing around with the Audio properties of your devices you might have come across two similar looking options-

  • Set as Default Device 
  • Set as Default Communication Device

Screenshot (10).png

Set as Default Device refers to making the Device as a default playback device for Audio. And then the corresponding option Set as Default Communication Device  refers to making the device available for communication. It should respond when one opens a Skpe Application.

This option is particularly important. There are times when you connect your laptop to your external monitor and use your headphones for listening. In some cases your laptop might assign the external monitor as a default communication device even though you have connected your headphone. And above all that, the monitor might not even have external speakers! So it becomes an Issue when you are in a Skype Conference and you find that people can hear you but you cannot hear them because the laptop has assigned the monitor as a default communication device.

The tip here is that before you begin your Skype meeting, check your audio settings and ensure that the primary device you are going to use for communication-maybe your headphone is set as the Default Communication Device . 

In order to access the Audio Settings follow these steps-

  1. On the Windows Taskbar right click on the Audio icon
  2.  Select Playback devices Screenshot (12).png
  3. Then right click on the Device you want to set as the Default Communication Device.