Commenting on Files

Comments are a good way to add some additional Information to your code. The Information is not the actual code but some Text which would make someone reading the code understand it’s functionality. You could describe what each function or method does. This actually saves a lot of time if this practice is followed. Since, if some one had to implement additional functionality in your code, he could do so without wasting too much time to understand your code.

Every Language has it’s own way to add comments. HTML and PHP also have a way to comment. Even though sometimes the HTML code and PHP code are written in the same file, the commenting methodologies are different. Let me list out the ways one could comment on HTML and PHP.

Commenting Methodologies


<!— Text –>





As you would notice the commenting ways are distinctly different. You would observe that each language would have it’s own ways to comment.So , Irrespective of the Language you code, it is always good to know the commenting syntax for it.


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