Health Insurance Terminology-Deductible cost

Being insured is a must. And especially in countries like the U.S. it is very important. The reason being that the cost of health care is very high and sometimes it becomes unaffordable for common people. 

With that being said if one has to select or choose a health plan you might come across many different  terminologies which some might find intimidating.

One of the common terms which you might come across by going through a health plan is Deductible Cost.

What is a Deductible Cost?

Deductible Cost is the amount of money you have to pay annually to the health insurance company. You have to pay this amount before you go for the first visit to your doctor, in order for the Insurance company to give you insurance.  But this a one time payment which you have to pay only once every year.

Let’s take an example. Suppose the Deductible Cost in your plan says $400 and doctor’s  visit says $15. Then once you start your coverage. Before you goto a doctor you have to pay $400 to your health Insurance company. And once you visit a doctor, you have to pay $15 and the insurance company would take care of the rest of your bill. In case you are not going to  visit a doctor in the year, you don’t need to pay the deductible cost.There are different kinds of plans available. The deductible Cost ranges from as low as $0 to $2500 or even more. So it depends on what plan you want to take and how much you are willing to pay. You still have to pay your monthly premium every month in order to keep your insurance plan running.


Making forms 508 compliant 

Many of us make forms. Some have made InfoPath forms, some have made forms using HTML and CSS. People working or dealing with the federal government might be knowing this, there is a policy that while building out forms or any application for that matter it should be 508 compliant.

Now what is 508 compliant?

Well being 508 compliant means you are making applications of a standard which would serve all people including people with disabilities. 

People following this have to adhere to technical specificati9n regarding color fonts and other aspects.


Normally if one has to access intranet websites in an external location, VPN is used. But VPN only works on desktops or laptops. 

With the popularity of smaller devices like cell phones or an IPad, people like to work on them. But unfortunately VPN is not supported on these devices.

Maas360 is an application developed by IBM. It is basically like a secured container which is deployed into a device, especially an Ipad.

VPN from a source can be given to an IPad through MaaS360. One can deploy apps in the container. And anything which is running on the environment is fully secure.

Suppose if the IPad is lost. One can delete the content which is on MasS360. But like any other application this also has got it’s limitations.

Maas360 doesn’t have a fully functional browser within the environment like chrome or safari. So in case an application needs to use a browser it has to come out of Maas360 and use one of the browser apps like chrome and safari. This is not secure and it is not recommended especially  if you are working on confidential Information.

But that being sent IBM is continuing to develop and improve Maas360 and we might definitely see some changes in the future.

Commenting in CSS

While writing  code there may be times when we would not want a certain part of the code to execute for testing purposes. At the same time we do not want to delete that code since we might use it later.

So normally during these kind of situations we comment the code. Each language has it’s own way for commenting.

Css has a way for commenting too! All you have to do is place this \* at the beginning of the comment and /* at the end of the comment. 

Once that is done the compiler won’t  read the portion of the code you have commented or in other words it would skip it. Whenever you want you could bring that code back to life by removing the comments. 

Just in parlance in the medical field it is just as if you are giving an anaesthesia to a patient. It numbs only a small and a specific part of the body. And this only for a timely period. After a while it will be back to normal.

Integrating Meetup events to your WordPress site

Many of you might have heard of ( , it is a popular website for conducting or or organizing meetups. One can hold any kind of Meetup right from technology  to sports. 

Some of the organizations conducting Meetup might have their own website. And they might want to have the Meetup Information listed on their website.  If people have WordPress installed, it makes the whole process a lot more easier.

One would have to follow these steps-

  1. Install a wordpress plugins called WP Meetup
  2. Once installed, open the admin panel and goto the Meetup section.
  3. Under groups, type the name of your Meetup group.
  4. Once it recognizes your Meetup group, you are all set. Now you have to just paste a  short code on the page you want to list the Meetup information.
  5. Just place this on the page [wp-meetup-calendar] and publish it. This would automatically pull out all the events Information from your Meetup to your website.

And now you have your new events page with Meetup information. 

Having a Site Icon in your WordPress site

Having a Site Icon in your site, creates some kind of recognition. If you have a unique site icon, users would be able to recognize your site amongst the numerous other tabs which are there in the browser.

Normally a site Icon would be the brand logo of your company. It is not too difficult to add a site Icon. Here are the steps-

  1. Open the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Goto Appearances
  3. Select Customize
  4. Click on Site Identity 
  5. Upload your site Icon
  6. Click Save & Publish

And that’s it! Your site Icon will now be displayed on the tab of your website. And this would be available on all the popular Web bro9.

Html opening a link on a new tab

By default when you use the ‘a href’ tag in a Html document the link opens up in the same tab. Sometimes we might not want that and we may want to open it in a new tab. There is an attribute called ‘target’ which helps in this purpose. 

One has to just write <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

And this would launch a link on a new tab