Importance of having a smart watch

When smart watches first appeared a couple of years ago, many people liked it and many people didn’t and sadly the situation persists even today. 

They say that when you have a smartphone that notifies you about emails and messages why buy a smart watch. Well that argument would have been quite reasonable sometime ago but not now.

You might have very well heard about the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With news of a device bursting every single day. Now phones are akin to carrying a live bomb which might burst anytime and you will never know when it will happen.

So in today’s world even though smartphones have become unseparable, it is always good to keep them at a distance unless otherwise necessary. Now having a smart watch here is a key because you can get notified about messages and Incoming phone calls and then attend to them when required. 

With a Smart Watch one does not need to have a phone with them all the time which is good in a sense that people have the opportunity to become more social rather than staring at their phones. It would make the world a better place to live ☺


False alarms in a building

Sometimes while working you suddenly hear an alarm and wonder what’s going on? And then you might hear an announcement that this is a false alarm and no action needs to be taken.

The first thing which might come to your mind if you are in this situation , is why did the alarm trigger at the first place?

One of the common and probable reasons for a false alarm is because of an increase in the heat or dust. And this might arise due to some maintainance activity happening in the building.

Most of the alarms installed in buildings are automatic. So it triggers as soon as there is an abnormal increase in heat or pollution for that matter. 

The bottom line is that the alarm should not have triggered in the first place. The responsibility lies in the staff that maintains the building. It is not something that you would like to hear at the first place and especially at work. Some people get paranoid when they hear such kind of alarms and just leave the buiding.

So it is important that people take responsibility and ensure that false alarms are not a frequent occurence.

Being Active forever

Whenever I walk around in the shopping mall and in the grocery stores I find that people probably in their 70’s or 80’s driving to the store and come shopping. They come with enthusiasm and look energetic which is really good to see.

But the same thing cannot be said about the developing or emerging countries. Once people cross 65 or 70 they slowly start being less active. They probably don’t go as much as they used to do. And they become dull, lonely and sad. 

The main reason why this happens because in this case there is a labour force which takes care of house hold work and hence there is no compulsion to go out and buy stuff for the house. Whereas in countries like the United States one does not find cheap labour and everything has to be done on our own. And hence no matter how old one is he/she has to go out and do what is required. Since if they don’t do no one else will.

Well that is the reality, but the bottom line is that you would definitely find these people more active than the ones in the emerging countries and they tend to live longer. Once you are active and eating healthy food the tendency of falling sick is minimal and you live longer. Whereas in emerging countries like India and Sri Lanka most of the people retire in their 60’s or before that. And the people  once leading Active lives like going to work everyday, suddenly have nothing to do. And because you have nothing to do you won’t use the brain much and then the thinking capability falls down. And then you would find that they can,’t remember certain things which would lead to a partial memory loss and then there could be a list of subsequent events.

My wish is to see that people don’t think that their life ends at 59 or 60 and then remain at home. They should be active because once you are, no illness or ailment would come near you. The key here is to always think that you are 15-20 years younger than what you are actually are and behave like that. Then your whole body and mindset tends to be like a younger person.And with that one would live a longer life 🙂