Trello-Creating a card from any webpage

Trello is a great collaboration tool. It can be used to save Images, Text or Links which other people in the Board can see. It is fast, simple and easy to use. To create a card for links one need not go the Trello website to create them. It can be done from any website.

Suppose you are Interested to share a link with your  Trello Members, you could use the “Send Trello” in your bookmarks and specify which board and list you want that link to get saved and then it would add that to the list.

Now you must be wondering how would you get the “Send Trello” in your bookmark list. Let me tell you how!

Steps for saving the “Send Tello” to your bookmark list

  1. First go to this link
  2. Drag the “Send to Trello” link to your bookmark list.

And that’s it, now it is saved in your bookmark list.


Steps to create a card with the website link

  1. Goto the website of Interest.
  2. Then in your bookmarks, click on “Send to Trello”.
  3. A Dialog box would open, Specify the name of the board and list wher you want to add the card.


Congratulations, you have now created a Trello card without visiting the Trelolo Website


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