Cancelling an Apple Subscription

Cancelling a subscription bought through the App Store by your Apple ID may not be quite intuitive. Here are the steps on how to cancel a subscription-

  1. Click on Settings IMG_0276
  2.  Then click on iTunes and App StoreIMG_0277
  3. Click on your Apple ID (Your Email Address-Highlighted in Blue)IMG_0278
  4. Then click on View Apple IDIMG_0279.PNG
  5.  Scroll Down and click on SubscriptionsIMG_0280.PNG
  6. Cancel your SubscriptionIMG_0275.PNG

IOS 10 the differences 

It has been almost a month since Apple launched iOS 10. There are many perceptible changes. The notification appears to be more colorful now. With colors added to the upcoming calendar and news Items.

Since iPhone 6, the fingerprint print scanner came into play and that was the way to unlock your phone. But versions prior to iPhone 6 and the IPAD’S and the Ipod touch l, it uses the swipe along with a password. But with iOS 10 the difference is that Apple has removed the swipe feature and instead you would have to press the home button and then enter your password in order to unlock your phone.

Apple iOS 9.3.5 update

Apple recently came out with another update for version 9. And this update is to fix 3 main security Issues. The Issues actually make your phone vulnerable to hackers. They could access your contacts, call history, photos etc. This update is a fix for that.

In software terminology, this is essentially called a Zero Day Bug . It is called zero day because the developer or the owner of the software would not know about this vulnerability until it is publicly announced. And once announced or reported the team gets zero time to fix it. It means that they have to fix it ASAP.

There is also a similar update for the Mac PC’s. This update also keeps away the Jailbreakers of getting any chance to hack the phone in order to add Apps.

This most likely is going to be the last update from Apple for iOS 9.

IPad-Restarting an App


While browsing your IPad, there might be times when you notice that the App is not functioning the way it used to and you want to restart it but don’t know how? One obvious solution would be to restart your IPad using the power button. The other way is to restart the app you want, without affecting the other apps that may be running in the background.


  1. Goto the Home Screen by pressing the “Home” Button.
  2. Press the “Home” Button twice. This would open a list of apps currently running.
  3. Navigate to the left or right and search for the app that you want to restart.
  4. Once you have found the app, you could remove it from the list, by moving that app in the upward direction, till it goes off the screen.
  5. Now to return to the Home Screen, press the “Home” Button once again.
  6. Click on the App, now you would notice that it is restarting.


Now you have successfully restarted an App in your Ipad 🙂


Apple version 9.3.4

Apple recently added another version to it’s list. The update is mainly to fix some security Issues. There are no new features in this update.

Jailbreaking has become popular, especially among Apple devices. The reason being that it gives you the ability to add apps from different sources. So one is not restricted to download apps from the Apple App store.

Obviously Apple is not pleased with this rising trend. It is trying to fix all the possible loopholes which the Jailbreakers/ hackers might use.

This time there was an Issue with the 9.3.3 version. It was dealing with memory corruption. With kernel privileges an application can execute arbitrary code. A Jailbreaker named ‘Team Pangu’ exploited this loophole to jail break the device. This was the reason Apple immediately came with an updated version to fix this Issue.

This is officially the last version which we are going to see from version 9 unless the jail breakers again find a way to break into 9.3.4!

Apple will be coming out with Version 10 next month along with the much awaited IPhone 7.

Having Lyrics in Apple Music

iTunes allows you to add music as well as lyrics to your phone. Now while playing the music on your phone through the Apple Music, the question which might arise is how do I see the lyrics when the song is being played? Well fortunately it is not too difficult to do that. One would just have to tap the Album Art on the music player and it would give you the lyrics 🙂 !

Trouble connecting IPhone to wifi

Sometimes one might face a problem connecting with the WiFi even though it was setup initially. It will show that it is connecting but for some reason it will not be able to connect. In this case one should follow these steps-

1. Goto Settings.

2. Goto WiFi

3. Click on the WiFi network which you were trying to connect.

4. Click on the Information icon on the right.

5. And click Forget this network.

6. Allow the network list to refresh automatically once.

7. Click on the network name.

8. Enter the network key or password.

9. And press Join

Now you should be able to connect to the network 🙂