Offering Technical Assistance in Skype for Business 

Skype for Business is a good collaboration tool for organizations. It allows the employees within an organization to communicate, exchange files and have fruitful discussions. 

But there may be times when users experience technical difficulties while placing or answering a Skype call. In this situation one needs assistance. Skype for Business has a functionality where you could have  a helpline url in case one experiences a technical difficulty. The request would then goto the IT Service Desk of your organization and they would be attending your case.

In order to setup the URL, perform the following steps-

  1. Goto the Skype for Business Admin Center.
  2. Click on Meeting Invitation 
  3. Then fill in the Help URL Field

Router Interference 

Router Interference 

There may be times when you try to setup a new router and you happen to have the old router which is connected nearby. Once the router is setup, one would get a default SSID  name displayed on the list of available WIFI connections.

But what if you want to customize the SSID name? For a Netgear router, one would have to goto this site . This would take you to the Netgear Dashboard for your router. From here you could goto the Wireless settings page where you can change the default SSID name and password to the one that you want and then update it.

But here is the catch, once you try updating it for some reason you would find that both the routers have the same SSID and password! This could happen since both the routers are kept close to each other.

If that happens then you would have to reconfigure the network name for one of the routers. While doing so make sure that  you turn the other router off before you start reading configuring the router. That is very important, if you don’t happen to follow that then it might lead to another interference.

Outlook 2016 Recovering a Deleted Item

There maybe times when one might accidentally  delete an Item from the Inbox. In this case it goes to the deleted Items folder. It is always possible to recover the email and move it back to the Inbox. One has to follow these steps-


  1. Goto the Deleted Items Folder.
  2. Right click on the Email that you want to recover


3. Scroll down to Move

4.  And click on Inbox


Now the email would be back in your Inbox.

Windows 10 Shortcut-Quick Access Window

Windows 10 had brought back a couple of features like the Start Menu. And if you would recall in Windows 7, the start menu had a list of recently accessed files. This is now listed in a Quick Access Window. This window basically gives you a list of the recent folders and files which you have worked with.

Screenshot (13).png


The folders get listed on the top whereas the files are located on the bottom. It is always good to have this at your fingertips since it would save time in navigating to a specific folder or file. Fortunately we have a shortcut to launch the Quick Access Window.

The Shortcut is



Windows-Set as Default Communication Device

While playing around with the Audio properties of your devices you might have come across two similar looking options-

  • Set as Default Device 
  • Set as Default Communication Device

Screenshot (10).png

Set as Default Device refers to making the Device as a default playback device for Audio. And then the corresponding option Set as Default Communication Device  refers to making the device available for communication. It should respond when one opens a Skpe Application.

This option is particularly important. There are times when you connect your laptop to your external monitor and use your headphones for listening. In some cases your laptop might assign the external monitor as a default communication device even though you have connected your headphone. And above all that, the monitor might not even have external speakers! So it becomes an Issue when you are in a Skype Conference and you find that people can hear you but you cannot hear them because the laptop has assigned the monitor as a default communication device.

The tip here is that before you begin your Skype meeting, check your audio settings and ensure that the primary device you are going to use for communication-maybe your headphone is set as the Default Communication Device . 

In order to access the Audio Settings follow these steps-

  1. On the Windows Taskbar right click on the Audio icon
  2.  Select Playback devices Screenshot (12).png
  3. Then right click on the Device you want to set as the Default Communication Device.



Adding an Event to your Outlook Calendar

Many of us might have registered for events. Eventbrite is a popular event hosting site. Once you register for an event, there is an option for adding that event to your calendar. Now if you click on the option of adding it to Outlook, a file with the format ics would be downloaded.

Now once the file has downloaded, the next step is to Import that file into Outlook 2016. Here are the steps for that.

  1. Activate the File tab Screenshot (5).png
  2. Select Open & Export   screenshot-6
  3. Then click Import/Export Screenshot (7).png
  4. Then select the option Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar (.vcs) option. And click Next Screenshot (8).png
  5.  Select the file you want to Import and click Open . Keep in mind that the format of the file should be either .ics or .vcsScreenshot (9).png

And you are done!! Now you should see the new event in your Outlook Calendar 🙂

Tip-The font on websites should never be Italics

We have three major types of Fonts, Italics, Bold and Normal. Each one has it’s own meaning and can be used in different contexts. But if you are deciding on a font for your website, one must never choose or opt for Italics.

There are many reasons why we should not use it. One of the reasons is that  it doesn’t appear professional, especially if you are developing a website for a company.

A key thing to note is that themes which you download from the Internet or any application which generates some feed, more often than not it appears in Italics. And sometimes you might not even notice it especially of your focus is on somehow getting the feed of your app in the website. 

Most of the public facing websites do not use Italics. So it always makes sense to follow that practice.