Setting up a WIFI Router

Setting up a WIFI Router is not intimidating as it appears to be. There are many routers of different kinds and varieties but all of them would have a similar Installation procedure. And Installing them does not take too much time too! The key here is to be organised and follow the Instructions as given in the manual.

Let’s see what do we normally get when we buy a Router.

Package Contents

  1. Router
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Ethernet Cable
Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable

This is what you would normally get when you open the Router package. In order to set up you the router, one would need all the Items mentioned above and one more thing, the modem.


Once you have everything ready, follow these steps-


Steps to Install the Router

  1. Unplug the modem. If the modem was already connected to another router, disconnect the cable between the router and modem. Ensure that the modem is turned off and is only connected to the wall jack of your Internet service.
  2. Now plug your modem back in. Use the Ethernet Cable that came with the package to connect the modem with the Internet port of your router.
  3. Connect the power adapter to your router. And plug it to a power supply.
  4. Wait for the Light in the Router to turn green.
  5. Now connect your Laptop to the Router using the Preset Wifi Settings which come with your router.

Once connected, you are all set! And ready to surf the net!



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