Connecting to Skype for Business Online using PowerShell

Skype for Business is used by organizations as a means for communication. Management operations can be performed on the Skype for Business Admin Center. Sometimes you might need to perform bulk operations at a time. In that case one would have to use Power Shell in order to connect to Skype for Business Online and accomplish the tasks.


  1. Download and Install the Skype for Business Online, Windows PowerShell Module.
  2. Click the Start Button and Search for Windows Power Shell.
  3. Do a right click and select “Run as Administrator”
  4. Run this command set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
  5. Then type this cmdlet $credential= Get-Credential
  6. A Windows PowerShell Credential box would pop up. Type in your credentials.
  7. Then run $session= New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $credential
  8. Import-PSSession $session
  9. Then run Get-Module. If you see a table with 3 columns- ModuleType, Name and Exported Commands then the Skype for Business cmdlets are ready for use.Screenshot (116).png
  10. After achieving the objectives, one would have to close the Power Shell session. In order to do that, run this cmdlet Remove-PSSession $session . One must note that simply closing the Power Shell window would not terminate the Power Shell Session.


This Cmdlet for Skype for Business allows you to Enable or Disable a Specific Public Provider. A public provider is an organization that provides SIP Communication services for the General public. So if the Organization enables communication with a Provider “Yahoo”, then the Organization can communicate with any Public User who has a Yahoo Account.


Set-CsTenantPublicProvider has two parameters, “Tenant” and “Provider”. Tenant is where you specify the Tenant ID and Provider is the Public Provider which you want to enable

Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant “” -Provider

For Example

Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant “123” -Provider “WindowsLive”

This would Enable the Public IM Provider WindowsLive for the Organization Tenant “123”.

Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant “123” -Provider “”

Since the Provider attribute is empty, all the public IM Providers would be disabled for the Tenant with ID 123.

The Limits on Skype for Business


Even though Skype for Business is a premium offering for Microsoft, it has it’s own limits. There are limits to the number of participants, presenters and the file size which can be uploaded in a meeting.

The Maximum number of participants in a Skype for Business Conference is 250. This can also be said for the Maximum number of Presenters. The Maximum File Size that can be uploaded in a Skype for Business Meeting is 500 MB. However, there is no limit to the size of the file which can be sent over an IM.