Configuring Anonymous Authentication in IIS Server

Anonymous Authentication allows any user to view public content without logging in their credentials. If there is a need to allow users to view content based on supplying their credentials, one could apply a Basic or Digest Authentication. In order to enable Anonymous Authentication in an IIS Server, follow these steps-

  1. On Start, search for Administrative Tools and click it. screenshot-136
  2. Then click on IIS Manager. screenshot-137
  3. Select a site which you want to apply this authentication by expanding the Sites Tab.screenshot-138
  4. On the Features View Tab, select Authentication.screenshot-139
  5. Right click and Enable Anonymous Authentication. Screenshot (142).png

Now Anonymous Authentication would be enabled for the site which you had specified.


To Configure Windows Authentication for an IIS Server

Windows Authentication is a secure form of Authentication since the credentials are hashed before they are sent across the network. IIS is a web server which is Installed in the Windows Server Operating System. In Order to configure or Enable Windows Authentication for an IIS Server, one must follow these steps-

  1. On Start, search for “Administrative Tools” and click it. screenshot-136
  2. Then click on IIS Manager .Screenshot (137).png
  3.  Expand the “Sites” Column and select the site which you would like to configure. screenshot-138
  4.  In the Features View, click on Authentication under the IIS Section. Screenshot (139).png
  5. Select Windows AuthenticationScreenshot (140).png
  6. Do a Right Click and select Enable.Screenshot (141).png

Now Windows Authentication is enabled for that particular site. By default Windows Authentication uses the Kerberos Protocol.