Sharing Screenshots using Snaggy

Screenshots are a great way to explain or describe something. It can also be used by IT Professionals to diagnose an Issue that you are facing. They might request you to take a screenshot of the error message that you are getting and share it with them. Most of the time conversations between IT Support take place over the chat. This facilitates a dynamic and Instantaneous form of communication.

Chat as a medium as described above is a good way to deal with customers over Issues that they are facing. In order to share a screenshot, you would have to attach it over chat. But there are still some chatting applications out there that don’t support attachments. Then how would you share a screenshot?

This can be done by using an Online Tool called SnaggySnaggy is very simple and Intuitive. It helps you take a screenshot and it then generates a URL and all you have to do from there is to share the URL with the concerned person.

Here are the Instructions on how would you do this on a Mac. Windows users would get their own set of Instructions by visiting the Snaggy website.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.58.09 PM.png


How to reset a Password in Windows 7 Enterprise?

Windows 7 is a fairly old O.S. when you look in terms of it’s release date. Microsoft has been encouraging customers to switch to Windows 10 since it is faster and better but some organizations still stick to their old systems.

Organizations for security purposes normally enforce a policy where a user have to reset their password after a certain period of time. Not doing this in a timely manner would lead to the expiration of the password. So, in case you have the misfortune of using Windows 7 and you have received a notification that your password is going to expire soon, this is what you need to do-

The Steps

  1. Open the Start Menu and click on “Windows Security” located on the 2nd column.Screenshot (106)
  2. Then click on “Change Password”.Screenshot (107)
  3. Then enter your Old Password and the new password twice and hit EnterScreenshot (108)

Now you have successfully reset your password and you can throw your worries of the password expiring out the window! 🙂

Windows 10 Quiet Hours

Windows 10 has Improved the way notifications get displayed and stored. The notifications come in sliding from the right and can then later be seen in the Action Center. Notifications are a good way of staying on the top of things. Getting emails from Outlook or a message from Teams or Skype.

What if you were making a presentation and sharing your screen and you find emails or messages coming In? It would be quite embarrassing right? The best way would be to somehow disable those notifications before you start making the presentation. Windows 10 has a feature called Quite Hours that serves this purpose.

Enabling Quiet Hours disables the notifications coming In. This would save you from any kind of embarrassment that you may or may not have while making the presentation.

This is how you can enable Quiet Hours

  1. Click on the Action Center Icon located on the rightmost end.
  2. And then click on Quiet Hours. This would then turn the button blue Indicating that it has been enabled.

Screenshot (87)

When you are done with the presentation and want to get the notifications back just click on the Quiet Hours button again. Once the blue disappears from the button you would know that Quiet Hours has been disabled.


Finding a matching brace in PowerShell ISE

Just like in Visual Studio, it is helpful to know the matching brace in the Power Shell Editor. If you are near the opening brace, it would tell you where the closing brace is and vice-versa.

Power Shell ISE is the Power Shell Editor for Windows. In order to find the matching brace, one would have to type the following keyboard shortcut


Windows-Cannot detect external display

There may be times when you encounter situations where your laptop cannot detect an external display even though it is connected. There can be many causes for this. The obvious  is to check whether your laptop is properly connected to the external display and your monitor is powered ON.


The next thing is to go to your Display Settings. Open the Run Window (Ctrl+R) and type desk.cpl, this would take you to the Display Settings Window.

Screenshot (45)

Now that you are In the Settings page click on the undetected monitor.

Screenshot (46)

Scroll down and under the Multiple Displays dropdown, select Extend these Displays. Now your monitor should be back in life!!


A website that helps you Install common software in Windows

A website that helps you Install common software in Windows

We have all been through this, when we try to setup our new laptop the first thing that we do is Install the basic applications that we require everyday. For Instance we would start by Installing the browsers-like Chrome, Firefox. And then probably if you have online storage accounts the Dropbox or One Drive. Each Application has got it’s own setup process where one would have to go their respective website, download an executable file and follow the wizard. A step gets repeated for each application that you Install.

Fortunately this should be a thing of the past since now there is a website called Ninite  that helps you Install all your applications at once! Forget the hassle of going through different wizards and watching an application Install. So all you need to do is select the applications that you would like to Install from the website and then everything will be taken care of. This would Install applications in the background so you don’t need to bother about going through a wizard.