Adding Background Music to WordPress

Background Music is one of the elements which help in attracting viewers to your website. It sometimes reflects the goal and motivation of the company. Some prefer to put a light background score whereas some others might want to do a heavy one.

There are different ways one could add music to their WordPress website. One way would be embedding your code directly to the site. The other way would be using the available plugins in WordPress.

Using the audio tag

  1. For the first method, upload the music file onto the Media Folder in the WordPress admin Panel.
  2. In the Media Folder, find the file which you have uploaded and click Edit. Then on the right end of the screen there would be a File URL, copy that and save that in some place, notepad maybe.
  3. Then go to the Page where you would like to have the background music. Navigate using the Page Menu.
  4. Once you have reached the desired page, add this code to the document. Paste the source of the file which you obtained in Step 2.
    <audio autoplay loop>
          <source src=" ">


Using WordPress Plugins

The next way would be to Install a Plugin. Now there are many plugins available which could add background music. One of the more popular and reliable ones is known as Soundy Backround Music.  In order to install and use it, follow these steps

  1. In the admin panel of WordPress, look for Plugins in the Left Navigation Panel.Screenshot 2016-04-29 17.58.30
  2. Click on it and Search for “Soundy Backround Music” .
  3. Once the required plugin appears, click on Activate.
  4.  Once it is activated, go to the desired page where you would like to add the music. Then scroll down until you see something like this.Screenshot 2016-04-29 18.08.12
  5.  Under the General tab Set the Enable Background Sound  to Yes .
  6.  Under the Soundtrack tab, browse and find the Media File you would like to play. Set the Volume to the desired level. Note: This is a key field, you don’t want your clients jumping on their seats when they hear sound blasting from your website do you? 😀
  7. In the AutoPlay tab, Choose whether you would like to have autoplay or not.

Each one would have it’s pros and cons. You are free to choose any method which suits your liking.


Outlook-Deleting Emails

Outlook is one of the popular email clients out there in the market. It has the ability to add or sync different kinds of accounts. It is a good tool to manage many accounts at one place. But Unlike, standalone email service providers it does not have the ability to select all emails as a default option in the Outlook Desktop Application. One would have to use the keyboard shortcuts like ctrl-A to do that. But fortunately there is a work around to this problem.

  1. Click on the Icon named” Customize Quick Access Toolbar“. It is located above the File Menu. It looks like an arrow pointing downwards.Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.13.57
  2. Now Scroll Down and click on “More Commands“.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.21.07

3.  Now the Outlook Options Window opens up. On the drop down which says “Choose Commands From“, select “Commands Not in the Ribbon“.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.25.41.png4. And in the Option Box below scroll down and search for “Select All“. And then click on “Add”  and select ok.

5. Now the Select All Option should appear on the toolbar. It should be located on the left of the Customize Quick Access Toolbar. It looks like a mouse hovering on a square box.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.13.57


Now that you have the Select All option in your toolbar, you could easily delete all emails from your Inbox/Drafts/ Send Folder.

In order to do that,

  1. On the Left Panel, Select the Folder which you would like to operate on.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.34.21.png

2. Then Click on the Select All option on your toolbar. Now all the emails would be selected.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.13.57

3. Now click on the Delete Button located on the Home Page Tab. This would delete all your mails.

The time required to delete the emails would depend on the number of emails you have in your folder.


Windows 10-Log Out

We all know that Windows 10 came out with the Start Menu. This was present on all versions of Windows and which was left out in Windows 8. It made a re-appearance in Windows 10 since the users missed it’s presence.

Until Windows 7, if a user wants to logout, he would goto the Start Menu and click on the Power Button. And the Button would normally have 3-4 options-Sleep, Hibernate, Shut Down and Logout. But from Windows 8 onwards, the Logout option is not present along with the other options like Shut Down and Hibernate, it is present somewhere else.

Users switching to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or any other earlier versions would have a problem on finding the Log Out button. In order to logout you could follow these steps-


  1. Click on the Start Button, on the bottom left hand corner.
  2. On the Start Menu, find your User Account on the top and click on it.
  3.  Now you would get 3 options-Change Account Settings, Lock and Sign Out.
  4.  Click on Sign Out.

And you are successfully Logged Out 🙂 !

Tip-Microsoft Edge Browser

Now here is a scenario. Suppose you would like to visit a website quite often, what would you do? Most of us will obviously bookmark it. This is well and good. And then we would continue to do the same for each and every website we like. And sooner rather than later, you would realize that there is a  long list of websites which you have bookmarked. Some of them you use quite a lot and some you might use twice or thrice a week. So the essential ones get lost in the sea of bookmarks. Has this happened to you? It has happened to me quite often where you keep on creating bookmarks and then you literally loose the ones you really need. And when you really need them you can’t find them.

Now the Microsoft Edge Browser has come up with an interesting solution to this problem. It utilizes a popular feature which Microsoft brought back in Windows 10. Can you name the feature? Yes, it is the Start Menu. One of the main  attributes Windows is known for and which is still not present in any of it’s competitors.

The bookmarks which you make in the Microsoft Edge can be pinned to the Start Menu! Start Menu is something which is easily accessible and most of us would be using it Right? So you could pin the websites which you would be visiting regularly and all of them would be in the Start Menu.

In order to do this, click on the More icon on the Right End of the Navigation Bar.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 23

It is the Icon on the top right with three horizontal dots. Screenshot 2016-04-25 23.40.01

So go to your website of choice. And click on the top right Icon. A menu will pop up. Scroll down and click on “Pin this page to Start“. Then you will get a prompt saying whether you would really want to do it. Click on Yes and it would appear on the Start Menu.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 23.48.51


Google AMP

Have you ever wanted to have your website load more faster in smartphones without making too much changes to it? Then Google AMP would be a way for you. Google AMP which is an abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project developed by google with the Intention to have websites load content more quickly. It is mainly designed for Publishers so that they could publish content without worrying too much about the Implementation. Any Publisher using Google AMP, would not find a decrease in their ads/market. In fact it will only Increase, since it is claimed that it improves the Search Engine Results.  Another fact is websites which take more time to load content maybe 10 seconds or more have a high bounce rate of 58%! Which means that 58% of the website viewers are more likely to leave the website once they had just begun to land on it. Google AMP which helps to load content faster would be a solution to the Issue of slow loading websites on phones.

In case your website is compliant with AMP it would feature in the carousel of Google Search. For Example If I search “nyc news” in Google Chrome, I would get the following page.



As you would have noticed it has presented articles from different news websites in a carousel. And Google will not randomly list your website in this. It would only list ones which have become compliant with the AMP Framework. In the Image above you can observe that below the article it is listed as AMP with a lightning bolt demonstrating that the website is compliant with AMP.

And once you click on any news article on the Carousel, it would load that particular content and you could easily navigate from one website to another. Here I have clicked on the first article from the Yahoo website. This is how it appears.


This is one AMP page and you could easily navigate to the other AMP web pages using the navigational arrows on the top. Now let me tell you all this content loads very fast due to AMP.

How does Google AMP make content load quickly?

AMP has specific HTML files called AMP HTML where it is basically the regular HTML code but with a limited number of tags. These files are cached in the cloud which would reduce the time it would take the content to get delivered in your mobile browser. The next thing is that JavaScript code is not allowed and in a sense the content is JavaScript free. All these regulations put together make the webpage load more faster.


Readers interested in learning more about the project can jump on this link. It is the official website for Google AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


Hopefully more websites join the AMP Project to give us an enhanced mobile browsing experience 🙂


Opera VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Networks have been used by people for many reasons. Some of them would use it to have a sense of anonymity when browsing on a public network. Some others would use it to access restricted sites. In order to avail this facility, one would have to buy a paid subscription. But this would be a thing of the past since Opera has recently announced a Developer version which has an Integrated VPN and it is absolutely free!


Now one does not need to download VPN Extensions or have paid subscriptions. Opera which primarily focused on mobiles have slowly started try to set it’s base in the desktop/laptop market. According to recent statistics it is claimed that the percentage of Web Desktop Users using the Opera Web Browser is only about 2%, which is not very promising. Probably this move would help increase it’s Popularity among the Web Desktop users.

The Picture Below taken from the Official Website of Opera shows the Integrated VPN which could be managed in the Settings section of the Web Browser.settings

Here is a video which demonstrates the integrated VPN of Opera. For readers unable to view this video, I would suggest them to directly read this article on the website . Since videos generally don’t appear on the emails.

Keep in mind that this is currently under development. So what Opera has given us now is a Developer version which would allow us to experience the upcoming features of Opera before the full version is released to the public.

One could download the Developer Version of Opera from here



This is an ambitious project to cover the whole of New York city and it’s surrounding 5 Boroughs with Free WIFI. It has been under development for a couple of years. The project is basically to convert the old pay phones or phone booths to WIFI Hotspots. The Wifi Hotspots have been made into modern  kiosk. The first kiosk came up quite recently in January 2016.

The Kiosks are not only Wifi Hotspots but also have a usb charging station where one could charge his/her device. It has a tablet which allows one to view guides and Maps related to New York city.  Not many cities have  free WIFI covering all areas. You might have free WIFI in bus stations, airports, restaurants or libraries for that matter. But having free and fast WIFI covering such a large area is quite uncommon.

Looking northeast at soon to work LinkNYC station

LinkNYC claims  that the project once completed, would be the largest and fastest municipal WIFI network in the world. The Kiosk would allow you to make free calls within United States using the Vonage App which is built in the tablet. It also allows you to access or browse the Internet. Apart from that it also has a 911 Button for Emergency.

Looking northwest at 3rd Avenue LinkNYC keyboard
Looking northwest at 3rd Avenue LinkNYC keyboard

It is reported that in a little more than a couple of months from now, New York and it’s boroughs would have around 500 Links or Kiosks and eight years from now, this number would go upto 7,500!

Each Kiosk/ Wifi Hotspot is termed as a Link. So Instead of saying  “Find a Wifi Hotspot”, one would say “Find a Link ” 🙂