SharePoint Designer and Groups

The email action in SharePoint Designer is one of the commonly used actions. This is basically for being notified by email in case an event occurs. 

Once you edit the action for an email, one would observe fields which you would find in any email client. Against the To field there is a small icon which can be clicked. Once you click that Icon, you would observe a list of users and Groups. Now the key thing to note is that these list and Groups are obtained from SharePoint only.

The reason why I say that it is important  is because in the Office 365 Admin center also has groups which can be created. One could assign a group email and add members to it. But unfortunately this doesn’t work in SharePoint Designer since it only gets information from SharePoint. So in order to email to a group from SharePoint Designer, one would have to create a group in SharePoint by going to site settings.


Opening a Site in SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer is a tool which is used to access SharePoint sites. By the name itself one can Infer that it is mainly used for designing purposes. One can write CSS code in the Style library and modify the Master Page. It is a great tool to have unfortunately Microsoft would not be developing any newer versions for SharePoint Designer. The last one is SharePoint Designer 2016.

The first step to developing anything in the tool is to open your SharePoint site. And one must be very careful doing so. While launching the SharePoint Designer tool, it would prompt you to specify a URL. Now this is where one has to be very clear. You cannot specify a URL from any location of your SharePoint site. It has to be the root site.

Screenshot (33).png

So suppose your domain name is “coffee” and you happen to put this URL  , it is not going to work. SharePoint Designer will only recognize the root site and not any folders. In this case SitePages is a folder in SharePoint and Home.aspx is a file inside the SitePages folder. One can only specify the root site. So one has to type, and this would work 🙂

SharePoint Designer-New Lists in DropDown

SharePoint Designer is a great tool to customize and create Workflows. One of the common Actions which are used in WorkFlows is Create Item. And once you select that action, one has to basically specify the list where the action is performed. Sometimes when you create a new List in SharePoint it does not appear in the Create Item dropdown. You might try refreshing it, but it still does not appear.

In this case, what one can do is to close the SharePoint Designer Application using the X on the top right hand corner. And then re launch the Application.  Now you would see the new list appearing in the Create Item DropDown 🙂 .

SharePoint Designer Saving Files

There might be Instances when you save a file and later on you realize that it is corrupted. There can be many reasons for this behavior to happen in SharePoint. One of the likely reasons would be that if you have code or libraries  from another source which you paste on the SharePoint Designer and save it immediately.

If you happen to paste code from another source you have to wait for a while to allow the color coding to appear on the file. Once that appears you could safely click on the Save Button.

So, next time when you try to save a file in SharePoint Designer remember to wait for a while and then click on the Save Button 🙂