Horizontal Spacing in HTML

Most of us know how to add a vertical space which is by using a <br> tag. Horizontal Spacing is also  important and it is used quite a lot.

In order to have a horizontal space, one would have to type &nbsp . And that’s it, you would get a horizontal space.


Adding Bluetooth functionality to a device 

Bluetooth has been present for quite a while now. Many have embraced it whereas many have not. You might find laptops that do not have Bluetooth pretty installed. So what would you do in case you need to use a Bluetooth headphone?

In this case one can use a Bluetooth adapter. It is a small usb device which you would plug it into a USB port of your computer. There is no Installation involved or drivers for that matter.  One could get a Bluetooth adapter for as low as low as 12 dollars.

Importance of using Online editors for note taking

Taking notes is a primary skill which we learn from school. It helps us to rein force the concepts we have learnt. We have probably used notebooks for taking notes.

Now obviously note taking has become more sophisticated. We have online note taking Applications which are linked to the cloud. And since it is in the cloud, the data can be accessed across devices. So even if your laptop crashes, you could still view your notes in your Ipad or even on your phone for that matter. One Note from Microsoft is a popular note taking app available across devices. The data which you write in one device can be accessed from another device.

Solving Issues of connecting a Bluetooth headset to your computer 

You might have got a brand new Bluetooth headset but for some reason you are not able to connect to your laptop. Even though your headset is “on” and the laptop shows that it is paired with your headset, you might observe that the sound is still being played from the speakers of your laptop. What would you do now?

Well there is always a way to every problem. Right click on the sound icon found on your system tray. And click on Properties. You might see that there are two Items in that list- The laptop speakers and the Bluetooth headset.  The reason it is not playing is because the speakers have been set as the default option for playing sound. So right click on the Bluetooth headset and set that as the default option.

Now you should be hearing the sound playing from your headset! Please note that this is done only once. So the next time you are connecting your headset, the computer would automatically recognize it.

IPad-Restarting an App


While browsing your IPad, there might be times when you notice that the App is not functioning the way it used to and you want to restart it but don’t know how? One obvious solution would be to restart your IPad using the power button. The other way is to restart the app you want, without affecting the other apps that may be running in the background.


  1. Goto the Home Screen by pressing the “Home” Button.
  2. Press the “Home” Button twice. This would open a list of apps currently running.
  3. Navigate to the left or right and search for the app that you want to restart.
  4. Once you have found the app, you could remove it from the list, by moving that app in the upward direction, till it goes off the screen.
  5. Now to return to the Home Screen, press the “Home” Button once again.
  6. Click on the App, now you would notice that it is restarting.


Now you have successfully restarted an App in your Ipad 🙂


CSS in SharePoint 

SharePoint  gives us a standard look which may not seem appealing to many. It mainly uses two colors blue and white. Well some people might like the simplicity but some may not. So what can you do for the people who don’t seem to like the colors and the styles used in SharePoint? You could customize the way they want the colors and styles to be by using CSS.

CSS is more powerful than some might think. One can literally transform the whole appearance of a site by using CSS. Here is a link of a website which showcases a list of websites which only use CSS http://www.csszengarden.com/

Reset Status in Skype for Business

Skype for Business formerly known as Lync Online is a communication tool used in organizations. It has a very good feature of automatically setting your status to “In a meeting” in case you happen to connect to a meeting client like GoToMeeting or Join Me.

But sometimes in case you change that status, you could easily change it back using the Reset Status option under the Status drop down. Those who are not familiar with GoToMeeting or JoinMe can follow the links below. It is free to setup accounts.




  1. GoToMeeting https://www.gotomeeting.com/
  2. Join Me https://www.join.me/