How to run multiple Web-Applications simultaneously?

The short answer is to use a different port number. For Instance in Angular, the default port number for an application is 4200. If you want to run another application at the same time, you would have to use a different port number. Which brings us to a question-

How to change the port number for an application?

Different frameworks have their own ways to change port numbers. In Angular, one would have to type this command in the terminal in order to change the port number-

ng serve –port port_number

where port_number is the number that you Intend the application to use.

Notice that there are two “dashes” before port

For Example-

If you want the application to use port number 4401, then you would do this-

ng serve –port 4401





How to edit the Name Servers of your Domain Registration Service to point to the Hosting Service?

So you are planning to build a website and buy your domain name from a domain registration service like GoDaddy or NameCheap but your website hosting provider is different. How can you link your Domain Name to your Hosting provider?

In cases where your Domain Name and the hosting provider is from the same service, you wouldn’t have to worry about linking your Domain Name with the Hosting Service since they are from the same service provider, everything is taken care of.

In situations where the place you buy your domain name and the hosting service is different, you would have to somehow let the Hosting Provider know the domain name that you registered for. This can be done by editing the name servers of the Domain Registration Service and then point them to the name services of your Hosting Provider. The Steps below are used for linking Network Solutions (Domain Registration )to Site5 (Hosting Service) but the same steps could be followed for any two providers.

The Steps

  1. Go to the list of Domain Names that you have in the Domain Registration Service and Edit the DNS of the one where you need to change the name servers.
  2.  Then you would come to a page where you can specify two name servers. At this time look for the name servers of your Hosting Provider and make a note of it. Most of the time you can find out by Googling “Name Server for  GoDaddy” (as an example)Screenshot (94)
  3. Once you get the Name Servers of your hosting provider, enter those name servers in that page and click on Move DNS. In this case, I was planning to move the DNS to Site 5 and their name servers were and dns2.site5.comScreenshot (95)
  4.  Once done, you would get a message saying that it might take 24-36 hours for the changes to take place.Screenshot (96)

After this you would have to create appropriate records in your Hosting Service in order to configure your website which I would be explaining in my upcoming blog.

Making your TV Bluetooth Enabled and pairing it with your headphones or any bluetooth enabled device

I had a hard time getting my TV Bluetooth enabled. Spent a week going through different articles and bluetooth adapters when I finally got it working today.

To begin with, if you are getting a bluetooth adapter make sure it is a good one! Since you might get a bluetooth adapter for a much lower price but then you might run Into Issues with pairing and setting it up.

The Steps below are the ones that I followed to get it working on my Samsung Smart TV. But these steps should work with any TV Irrespective of the brand or the configuration.


  1. Buy a Bluetooth Adapter, an adapter that claims to transmit audio from a TV to headphones and has a low latency. I bought this adapter from Best Buy, but it is available in any store and  in Amazon  too
  2. If you are planning to get your TV be linked to your headphones, then make sure you have decent pair of headphones. This is the one that I got
  3. Then make sure that your adapter is charged, you can either connect it to the USB port of your TV or if you don’t have one, then you can charge it with your laptop as well.
  4. There is a two step Instruction on how to pair your headphones with the bluetooth adapter which is simple and easy to follow.
  5. Once your headphones are paired with the bluetooth adapter, the next step is connecting the adapter to the Audio output of your TV. Now, this can be different for different TV’s and this adapter comes with different cables to help with this situation.  TV’s can come with headphone jacks or RCA Audio Out or Digital Audio Out.  The Instruction Manual for the Adapter gives detailed steps for each use case.
  6. The last and final step is to change your speaker settings in the TV so that it transmits Audio from the Headphones rather than the Speakers from the TV.


Mac accessing Internet after Installing Fiddler

Fiddler is a tool that tracks Network traffic. It tracks all the requests that happens while loading a website.

Sometimes after Installing Fiddler in your system, you might encounter times where one cannot access the Internet. At times like these one can follow these steps in order to access Internet –

  1. Click on System Preferences.
  2. Then Click on Network.Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.35.31 PM.png
  3. Click on Advanced

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.35.07 PM

4.  Then click on the Proxies Tab.

5. And Finally make sure you click on Auto Proxy Discovery .

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 9.34.37 PM

6. Click Ok.

7. And Then Click Apply


Now you should be connected to the Internet 🙂

Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization are two terms which you may have come across while logging into a system. Even though they appear to be similar but in real terms they are actually very different!

Authentication is the first step which occurs when you try to log into a system. The System tries to verify your Identity and make sure that you are the right person to access the system. This is done by asking the user to enter their credentials. In case for some websites, along with entering your credentials, you are also asked to fill out a CAPTCHA sequence to make sure that you are not a machine. These systems have become more sophisticated and now Include Identifying pictures. For Example, it would give you a series of pictures and ask you to Identify the ones which has a beach. Once it makes sure you are the right person, you would be able to access the system.

Authorization is a step which comes after Authentication. It basically determines what are you supposed to do once you login. For Example if there are some confidential files in the server, you might not be authorized to access or modify those documents. It is basically a set of rights which are given to a user.

Email Address Validator

Have you ever encountered situations where you tried sending an Email to a particular email address and it bounces back? Before you come to a conclusion that it might be an Issue with your Mailbox server, check whether the email address of the person is actually valid. There are many free sites which would allow you to do this. Here are some of them

Routers with usb

Most of the premium routers now days have a USB port with it. Now you may wonder what is the significance of having a USB port?

A USB port is very useful in case you want to share data across the network. So in case one wants to share Information across to a group of people connected to the same WiFi network, he/she can easily do so by Inserting the USB in the USB port.

Another common use is to connect the USB port to a printer. So anyone in the network can print documents.

Normally routers have more than one usb port. They have a USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 port. This extends the possibilities of what you would like to achieve.