Changing the layout in Akumina

Akumina is a content management system which sits on top of SharePoint. It has a good user interface which is mobile friendly. 

Akumina provides you with an interface after installation. But not many people know that you could make changes to the layout of the page. In order to do that on would have to expand the ribbon on the top and activate the page tab. In here you could select the layout you want, it is based on the number of columns one would like to have on the page.



Akumina is a UI layer built on top of SharePoint. The reason it is used is some clients are not satisfied with what SharePoint provides in terms of being mobile friendly.

Akumina is responsive and works well on smartphones. And the good thing about Akumina is that it has a manager app known as Akumina Interchange which provides a way to manage the Image Slider, Quick links, Announcements list all in one place.

If you want to get adventurous and play with the colors and themes, one can do that by modifying the CSS files in the style library.