Mobile Wallets in India

Due to demonetisation most of the transactions in India are forced to become cashless. Now mobile wallets are becoming popular. 

Some money from your bank account can be transferred to a mobile wallets which can be used for making payments. Paytm is a popular wallet which is used in India.

It can be set up using your mobile phone number and email id.


Google Live

Have you ever entered a restaurant and find that it is fully occupied? Or jumped into a grocery store only to notice that it is too busy? 

Well this might be a thing of the past since Google has come out with a Live Feed on the approximate number of people in a store. 

This Information is based on the location data of users. So next time if you are venturing out to a restaurant or a store you can check out Google Live and avoid the wait. 🙂 

SharePoint calculated column

A SharePoint list consists of columns and rows. There is something called as a calculated column. One of the features of a calculated column is that it allows you to copy all the values of one column into another column. It is named as a “calculated” column because you can have values which are the sum or difference of two columns.

Demonetization in India


The Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi announced couple of weeks ago that the current Rs 500 Note and the Rs 1000 note would no longer be accepted as currency. The government has given a window till the end of the year for people to replace the old notes. There are long queues in the banks for replacing the notes.

ATM’s too have long queues. Since the old notes of 500 and 1000 denominations are no longer valid, people have to get new notes. And most of the ATM’s run out of money within a couple of hours after it is opened due to the rush.

The old notes which were in circulation from October 1997 to November 2016, were demonetized on Nov 8th 2016.

Outlook-Fix-Profile doesn’t load

Sometimes you might find that Outlook doesn’t load, it freezes at this screen.screenshot-104

In order to fix this Issue one would need to create a new profile. In order to do that follow these steps-

  1. Open the Control Panel, In Windows 10, do Win+X and click on Control Panel.
  2. Click on User Accounts.screenshot-105
  3. Click on Mail.Screenshot (106).png
  4. Click on Show Profiles.Screenshot (107).png
  5. Select Prompt for a Profile to be used. screenshot-108
  6. Then Re-Launch Outlook, it would ask you to choose a profile. Click on New.
  7. Create a name for the profile. Now Outlook will create settings for the new profile.
  8. Outlook would now be launched.
  9. Remember to Set this Profile, as the one to be used under Control Panel.

Android Smartwatches

Android in the past year or two have come up with many Smartwatches. Unlike the Apple Watch which is a monopoly, there is a lot of competition in the Android market. Since there is a lot of competition the prices are lower. Each manufacturer tries to out do the other by adding certain unique features.