Reset Status in Skype for Business

Skype for Business formerly known as Lync Online is a communication tool used in organizations. It has a very good feature of automatically setting your status to “In a meeting” in case you happen to connect to a meeting client like GoToMeeting or Join Me.

But sometimes in case you change that status, you could easily change it back using the Reset Status option under the Status drop down. Those who are not familiar with GoToMeeting or JoinMe can follow the links below. It is free to setup accounts.




  1. GoToMeeting
  2. Join Me

Skype for Business- Fix Cannot see other person online

This is a common Issue that occurs in Skype. The user is not able to see his/her contact online.  Let’s see why it happens?

Whenever you add a contact especially from your organisation, it appears in your contact list. Whereas the person you added, for him you would appear under the New tab. At this stage even though you added that person as a contact, he has not added you hence you cannot see whether that person is online or not. In the New tab, when he transfers you to the contact list, you would be able to see that person.

Skype for Business- The plusses

Skype for business is an application designed for organizations and corporate offices. It has got a lot more features than the free version of Skype which is very popular. Skype has transformed the way people communicate or collaborate with each other. Distances don’t seem to matter anymore.

Skype for businesses has also made an impact on cooperations. And by “Impact”, I mean a positive one. It has got Integrations with Microsoft Outlook. So, suppose you have some meetings scheduled through Outlook for the day it all appears in Skype for Business. Even if you are in a call with someone, you don’t forget about the meetings since they are right in front of you 😀 !

And apart from this it has some minor tweaks which you would be happy about. Whenever your meeting  begins on Outlook, the status on your Skype application automatically changes to ” In a meeting”. This is very handy since sometimes we might forget to change our status and by the end of it you would have got a list of missed calls 😀 !

Overall it is a great application to use for collaboration in businesses.

Skype for Business- cannot see person online

Skype for Business is a popular video conferencing tool used in organizations. But sometimes like any other Application there are Issues! And one of the Issues is that a user see’s, is a contact offline even though he/she is actually online.

One of the first things which might come to your mind is that one of the users may have blocked the other user. That may be true but that is not always the case. The guy at the other and might be wondering why this person never shows up ?

There is a way in which it can be resolved. It is like this, each of the users have to delete the other person from the contact list. Once deleted close Skype and relaunch it. Once it relaunches, add each other back again and it should work.