Live Tiles

Today’s websites have amazing user experience. Most of them tend to be responsive and have a good blend of content and design. It is appealing to the eye.  But many of you would not have the same opinion for SharePoint websites. Not User friendly and old fashioned might be some of the attributes people might have to say.

LiveTiles is a tool which could be used for this purpose.  It is a UI layer built over SharePoint to give an enhanced user experience. The web designs developed using LiveTiles can be compared to any modern website.

One of the key features of LiveTiles is that is very easy to develop pages or sub pages using it.  It has got a Drag and drop feature which enables you to add or remove Tiles from a web page.

The Announcements list in SharePoint can be made to display in a form of a News Carousel in the home page.  Everything is laid out in a grid like structure. This enables one to easily place a Tile to the position they want. And you could add custom CSS code to it.

Overall it is a good tool to show someone how you could quickly transform a SharePoint site into something that might look different 🙂


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