Email Address Validator

Have you ever encountered situations where you tried sending an Email to a particular email address and it bounces back? Before you come to a conclusion that it might be an Issue with your Mailbox server, check whether the email address of the person is actually valid. There are many free sites which would allow you to do this. Here are some of them

Mobile Wallets in India

Due to demonetisation most of the transactions in India are forced to become cashless. Now mobile wallets are becoming popular. 

Some money from your bank account can be transferred to a mobile wallets which can be used for making payments. Paytm is a popular wallet which is used in India.

It can be set up using your mobile phone number and email id.

Google Live

Have you ever entered a restaurant and find that it is fully occupied? Or jumped into a grocery store only to notice that it is too busy? 

Well this might be a thing of the past since Google has come out with a Live Feed on the approximate number of people in a store. 

This Information is based on the location data of users. So next time if you are venturing out to a restaurant or a store you can check out Google Live and avoid the wait. 🙂 

Android Smartwatches

Android in the past year or two have come up with many Smartwatches. Unlike the Apple Watch which is a monopoly, there is a lot of competition in the Android market. Since there is a lot of competition the prices are lower. Each manufacturer tries to out do the other by adding certain unique features.