Pixlr: An Online Photo Editor

Pixlr: An Online Photo Editor

Whenever we think of photo editing, the first thing that comes to our mind is Photoshop. But, unfortunately Photoshop is something which not everyone can afford so they would have to look at some place else. One of the tools which they could take a look at is Pixlr.

Pixlr is an Online Photo Editor that can perform the basic editing functions like cropping, resizing, adding a white space etc. It may not have all the features of Photoshop and hence it is not a recommended substitute. But, with that said it is always good to give it a shot and see what you can achieve by playing around with it!



Get the Pocket App

Have you ever been in situations where you are trying to find an unfinished article on your phone that appears to be lost in a sea of browser tabs? Or if you are reading an article but half way through you realize that you don’t have enough time and decide that you are going to read it later but never come back to it again. Does this sound familiar?

I had been through these situations a lot and then I found an app where I could save articles that I want to read to the app and come back later and read them. This app saves all the articles that you want to read in one place so that it never gets lost. And another good feature about the “Pocket” App is that it is saved for Offline viewing. So, if you happen to catch the subway or the metro that primarily goes underground you can still read those articles.



The App is called Pocket and it is available on Android and iOS.

Sharing Screenshots using Snaggy

Screenshots are a great way to explain or describe something. It can also be used by IT Professionals to diagnose an Issue that you are facing. They might request you to take a screenshot of the error message that you are getting and share it with them. Most of the time conversations between IT Support take place over the chat. This facilitates a dynamic and Instantaneous form of communication.

Chat as a medium as described above is a good way to deal with customers over Issues that they are facing. In order to share a screenshot, you would have to attach it over chat. But there are still some chatting applications out there that don’t support attachments. Then how would you share a screenshot?

This can be done by using an Online Tool called SnaggySnaggy is very simple and Intuitive. It helps you take a screenshot and it then generates a URL and all you have to do from there is to share the URL with the concerned person.

Here are the Instructions on how would you do this on a Mac. Windows users would get their own set of Instructions by visiting the Snaggy website.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.58.09 PM.png

What’s new in Excel 2016 or Excel for Office 365?

Excel has recently come out with some new features that were released to the end users of Office 365.

Some of the features are as follows

  1. Deselect Cells- How often have you selected some cells in Excel only to realize later that not all the cells that you selected are required? Then the only way to go about this is to start all over again. But this is a thing of the past since Excel now allows you to deselect cells after making a selection. So, In case you have accidentally selected some cells, you could deselect them rather than going back to square one.
  2. Insert 3D Models– Windows 10 users would have noticed a desktop application called Paint 3D. This is where you can create 3D Models. Excel now allows you to Import these models to your spreadsheet in order to better Interpret the Information at hand.
  3. Convert SVG Icons to Shapes-SVG also known as Scalable Vector Graphics is a format for Images where the resolution or the sharpness of an Image is maintained even when it is zoomed or blown up. SVG Images can now be transformed Into shapes for further manipulation.


How to Embed a Google Map on your Website?

In this day and age saying that a map would be a “good to have” on your website would be an understatement. Maps give Information and credibility to a company. So, it is very Important to have this on the website. Fortunately it is not an arduous task to Implement it. Here are the steps-

The Steps

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Enter the Location of the place that you would like to show on the website.
  3. Click Share GMaps
  4. Activate the “Embed Map” Tab. GMaps-2
  5. Copy the iframe code. This code can be pasted on the body of the HTML File.