WhatsApp Encryption Feature

WhatsApp has transformed the way people communicate with each other in the phone. They can instantly send text messages send videos and voice messages. It enables you to do Group Chats, there is no username/password to remember since WhatsApp is saved to the phone number you are currently using. And most Importantly it is absolutely free! So, basically you can just about communicate with any one across the globe with no extra charges to your cell phone plan.

It released about 6 years ago in January 2010. And now it has become the messaging app of choice for most smartphone users across the world.
WhatsApp constantly updates itself to always stay a foot ahead of it’s competitors. One of the recent updates which released about a week ago were the following-
  • Pdf /Document Sharing
  • End to encryption
The PDF feature enables you to directly attach PDF documents from your Google drive or Dropbox or OneDrive account which serves as a relief to many users who wanted this feature.
The next one is about end to end encryption and this is about securely sending messages and videos between people. Folks using the latest version of WhatsApp “2.16.16” would have noticed this feature on the WhatsApp Screen
It essentially means that WhatsApp or any other third party apps will not be able to access/read the Information since it is encrypted.

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