IPhone Tip: Night Shift

Have you ever had problems of reading content in the dark on your iphone?  Like the displays or colors being too bright for your eyes to handle. Well Apple has come out with a solution called Night Brightness released on Ios 9.3 .

Night Brightness adjusts the brightness and color of the content on your phone so that it can be viewed easily without causing a strain to the eye. And as you would be knowing the human eye is one of the most sensitive and vital organs of the body and its our responsibility to take care of it.
In order to enable this feature follow these steps-
1. Goto Settings
2. Then Click on Display & Brightness. Once you click it you will get this screen
3. Goto Night Shift.
4. Turn Scheduled  to on and set the timings when you want your device to observe the Night Shift Settings. And then choose the Color Temperature.
And you are good to go! Now your phone will automatically goto the desired settings at the specified night time enabling you to have a pleasant night reading experience.
So Iphone users who do not have the latest version of ios installed, I would suggest you to upgrade ASAP and experience the latest feature of Apple.
Hope you enjoyed the tip today. And Kudos to Apple for bringing out an Innovative and thought provoking feature.

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