IPad-Restarting an App


While browsing your IPad, there might be times when you notice that the App is not functioning the way it used to and you want to restart it but don’t know how? One obvious solution would be to restart your IPad using the power button. The other way is to restart the app you want, without affecting the other apps that may be running in the background.


  1. Goto the Home Screen by pressing the “Home” Button.
  2. Press the “Home” Button twice. This would open a list of apps currently running.
  3. Navigate to the left or right and search for the app that you want to restart.
  4. Once you have found the app, you could remove it from the list, by moving that app in the upward direction, till it goes off the screen.
  5. Now to return to the Home Screen, press the “Home” Button once again.
  6. Click on the App, now you would notice that it is restarting.


Now you have successfully restarted an App in your Ipad 🙂



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