Solving Issues of connecting a Bluetooth headset to your computer 

You might have got a brand new Bluetooth headset but for some reason you are not able to connect to your laptop. Even though your headset is “on” and the laptop shows that it is paired with your headset, you might observe that the sound is still being played from the speakers of your laptop. What would you do now?

Well there is always a way to every problem. Right click on the sound icon found on your system tray. And click on Properties. You might see that there are two Items in that list- The laptop speakers and the Bluetooth headset.  The reason it is not playing is because the speakers have been set as the default option for playing sound. So right click on the Bluetooth headset and set that as the default option.

Now you should be hearing the sound playing from your headset! Please note that this is done only once. So the next time you are connecting your headset, the computer would automatically recognize it.


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