Error Reporting in PHP

Error Reporting is very Important in order to know exactly which part of the code is not working and to get the cause or the reason for it to not work. We as developers might always think that our code would not run Into any errors after we make the design. But errors are something that happens and it’s something that one does not foresee while coding. It is akin to driving on the road and getting Involved in an accident or if your car breaks down. These events are not planned.

So Suppose we get an error, we need to know what exactly is causing the Issue in order to fix it. Each language has it’s own way for reporting errors. In PHP, in order to enable error reporting, one needs to create a special file in the Project Folder. The file is called php.ini

In this file all you have to do is Include this one line of code-

display_errors = on ;

This turns on error reporting on the project folder.

So, next time if you are working on a project make sure that error reporting is enabled. This is not done by default.

Getting Desktop Notifications from FreshDesk

Fresh Desk is a Ticket Management System. Tickets get assigned to agents and they work on them. Sometimes there might be a back and forth between the customer and the agent. It’s a tool which generates lot of activity and as an agent or an admin of Fresh Desk, one needs to be on top of things.

The Fresh Desk Desktop Notifications feature helps in a big way. One can get notifications/activities on Fresh Desk without opening the website. This basically saves a lot of time and helps Improve the productivity of the agents.

In order to activate Desktop Notifications, one would have to follow these steps-

Screenshot (14)

  1. Click on the Notifications Icon on the Upper Right Hand Corner of the Home Page.
  2. Select Desktop Notifications.

Viewing Word Documents from SharePoint in One Note

SharePoint is a platform for document management and collaboration. Documents such as Word, Excel and PDF’s are the common document types that are uploaded in SharePoint. In order to view documents in SharePoint, particularly SharePoint Online, you would normally click on a file which opens an Online Version of the Document.

Suppose you have documents that you need to access in a regular basis, it would be Inconvenient for a person to navigate through different pages and finally land Into the Document.

If you have One Note and you need to view the document, all you have to do is copy the URL of the Word Document from the Address Bar and paste it on One Note. After you paste it One Note would automatically render the document. This saves you time navigating and searching for the Document!


CSS Visibility Property

The visibility property is similar to the Display Property in CSS. The visibility property controls whether you would like the element to be displayed or not.

For Instance if you have an element which is not being displayed in the home page and you want it to be displayed, all you have to do is set the property to unset.

visibility: unset;

This removes the previous value and makes the element visible.

What you could also do this set the property to visible. Something like this-

visibility: visible;


To learn more about this property, please refer this Doc from MDN


This property is something which I came across while discussing with a colleague. It’s amazing how one can encounter new stuff everyday which you never really thought existed.

PC Start from where you left off

Microsoft recently announced a major update to their Windows 10 O.S. called the “Fall Creators Update“. There were many new features that were released during this update. One of the features that caught my attention was the seamless experience transitioning from a phone to a PC.

With this update the Microsoft Apps on your phone can sync with the PC. For Example- If you are browsing a website on the Edge Browser in your phone, you can visit the same page while using your Edge Browser on your PC.

In order to have this experience make sure Windows 10 has all the latest updates. Here are the steps in order to connect your Phone with your PC. This is a one time setup.

  1. Install Edge Browser on your Phone from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. On your PC From Start goto Settings.
  3. Then Click on Phone. Phone.png
  4. After that click on Add Phone. 

This should help you get connected. And it also assumes that you have a Microsoft Account and you are using the same account to sign Into your Edge Bowser on your Phone and your PC. If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, you can create one by going to this site .