What is com.google.Android.gm?

I came across it this afternoon in the WordPress Insights tab. The Insights tab gives Information regarding views to a particular post and where it is coming from. While going through the details, I found something that brought my attention. Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.41.08 PM

I didn’t know what it meant so I did a research by going through some articles and found that com.google.android.gm refers to the Gmail App from Android.  Which essentially means that someone had viewed a blog post by clicking on a link from their Gmail App on their Android phone.



How to find your recent Google searches on your phone?

Google Search History can be found quite easily if you are using a Chrome Browser in a PC. But what if you are using the Google App on your phone? How do you find out the searches that you have done recently?

Here are the steps on how this can be done

  1. Click on the Google Icon in the screen. Screenshot_20180310-234032
  2. Again click on the Google Icon in the next screen. Screenshot_20180310-234138.png
  3. Next up, click on the Icon that has three parallel bars. Screenshot_20180310-234147.png
  4. Then click on Recent Screenshot_20180310-234200
  5.  This would take you to a screen with the recent searches. Swipe right to see each search along with a screenshot of the search result. Screenshot_20180310-234307.png

How to forward a complete thread or conversation of emails in Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular email application out there. One of the common email tasks apart from creating or replying to an email is forwarding an email. Forwarding an email is quite straightforward where you click on the forward Icon on the bottom of the email. But what if you have a chain of emails in the form of an email thread and you want to forward the entire conversation? Clicking on the forward button on the bottom will only forward the most recent email.

How do you forward an entire conversation?

The answer is to look at the top rather than the bottom. If you closely look at the top navigation, you would find a “More” Dropdown. See the screenshot below- I have added a red text “Here” in case you miss it 😉

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.43.53 PM

The next thing you do is click on the “More” Dropdown

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.54.25 PM

The Last Option says “Forward All” which helps you forward all the conversations in the email chain rather than a specific email.




What is a Component in Angular?

A Component is a programmable container that holds application and presentation logic. Any element on a web page can be regarded as a component. For Instance a button could be considered as a component.

In Angular, the Entry Level Component is called App Component. A Component normally contains 4 files





Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 4.55.45 PM.png

The Presentation Logic is written in app.component.html, The Application Logic is written in app.component.ts. Code for styling is present in the app.component.css file and the code for testing resides in the app.component.spec.ts file.

I would be discussing this in further detail in my upcoming blogs.



How to allow users to download videos in Office 365 Video?

Office 365 Video is an application that is part of the Office 365 suite where users can upload and view videos. By Default only owners of the video can download videos. If you want the viewers to download videos, you would have to follow these steps-

  1. Click on the channel where the videos are uploaded.
  2. On the top click on Channel Settings. Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.29.27 PM.png
  3. Select the “Permissions” Option on the left navigation. Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.30.23 PM.png
  4. On the bottom make sure you choose the option “Owners,Editors,Viewers” from the dropdown. Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.31.26 PM.png

Now, your viewers should be able to download videos from the channel. 🙂


How to edit the Name Servers of your Domain Registration Service to point to the Hosting Service?

So you are planning to build a website and buy your domain name from a domain registration service like GoDaddy or NameCheap but your website hosting provider is different. How can you link your Domain Name to your Hosting provider?

In cases where your Domain Name and the hosting provider is from the same service, you wouldn’t have to worry about linking your Domain Name with the Hosting Service since they are from the same service provider, everything is taken care of.

In situations where the place you buy your domain name and the hosting service is different, you would have to somehow let the Hosting Provider know the domain name that you registered for. This can be done by editing the name servers of the Domain Registration Service and then point them to the name services of your Hosting Provider. The Steps below are used for linking Network Solutions (Domain Registration )to Site5 (Hosting Service) but the same steps could be followed for any two providers.

The Steps

  1. Go to the list of Domain Names that you have in the Domain Registration Service and Edit the DNS of the one where you need to change the name servers.
  2.  Then you would come to a page where you can specify two name servers. At this time look for the name servers of your Hosting Provider and make a note of it. Most of the time you can find out by Googling “Name Server for  GoDaddy” (as an example)Screenshot (94)
  3. Once you get the Name Servers of your hosting provider, enter those name servers in that page and click on Move DNS. In this case, I was planning to move the DNS to Site 5 and their name servers were dns.site5.com and dns2.site5.comScreenshot (95)
  4.  Once done, you would get a message saying that it might take 24-36 hours for the changes to take place.Screenshot (96)

After this you would have to create appropriate records in your Hosting Service in order to configure your website which I would be explaining in my upcoming blog.