Get the Pocket App

Have you ever been in situations where you are trying to find an unfinished article on your phone that appears to be lost in a sea of browser tabs? Or if you are reading an article but half way through you realize that you don’t have enough time and decide that you are going to read it later but never come back to it again. Does this sound familiar?

I had been through these situations a lot and then I found an app where I could save articles that I want to read to the app and come back later and read them. This app saves all the articles that you want to read in one place so that it never gets lost. And another good feature about the “Pocket” App is that it is saved for Offline viewing. So, if you happen to catch the subway or the metro that primarily goes underground you can still read those articles.



The App is called Pocket and it is available on Android and iOS.


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