How to get back the old view in Outlook?

Office 365 Users would have experienced a change in the layout of the way emails are listed in their Inbox. Previously the Inbox had two Categories All and Unread. But recently they made a change to declutter the Inbox. Mails that Outlook deems as Important or personalized emails come under the Focussed Category. And Mails that are related to promotions or subscriptions come under the Other Category.


There might be some of you who have not embraced this new change with the feeling that they might miss out on emails. Outlook would not send you desktop notifications on emails that belong to the Other Category. They would only send notifications to the emails that come to the Focussed Category. Fortunately there is a way to go back to the old view. Here is how to do it!

The Steps

  1. Activate the View Tab
  2. Click on “Show Focussed Inbox”. Outlook-2


And that is it! Now you would notice that the layout has changed to All/Unread 🙂




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