How to reset a Password in Windows 7 Enterprise?

Windows 7 is a fairly old O.S. when you look in terms of it’s release date. Microsoft has been encouraging customers to switch to Windows 10 since it is faster and better but some organizations still stick to their old systems.

Organizations for security purposes normally enforce a policy where a user have to reset their password after a certain period of time. Not doing this in a timely manner would lead to the expiration of the password. So, in case you have the misfortune of using Windows 7 and you have received a notification that your password is going to expire soon, this is what you need to do-

The Steps

  1. Open the Start Menu and click on “Windows Security” located on the 2nd column.Screenshot (106)
  2. Then click on “Change Password”.Screenshot (107)
  3. Then enter your Old Password and the new password twice and hit EnterScreenshot (108)

Now you have successfully reset your password and you can throw your worries of the password expiring out the window! 🙂


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