Excel Freeze Top Row

The Header of a column is one of the most Important parts in a spreadsheet since it describes what values are stored in that column. Now if you have a large spreadsheet with many rows, one would obviously have to scroll down to work on different values. But once you scroll down, you don’t see the header anymore since by default it stays on the top. And once you can’t see the header the values that you see in different columns become meaningless since you don’t know what they are or what they represent.

Fortunately excel has some built in features that help view the header of the column even if they are on the last row of a 10,000 row spreadsheet. This is called freezing rows. In this case one would freeze the top row. In order to achieve this one would have to activate the View tab and click on “Freeze Top Row”.


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 9.34.38 PM.png


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