Re-Enabling Outlook 2016 Add-ins

Add-ins in Outlook help the end user to connect to different applications of Interest. Those applications might be a plugin for a CRM tool or anything that would help in Improving the productivity of an end user.

There may be times when Outlook has too many add-ins which consequently might cause it to crash or run slowly. The email client has an inbuilt mechanism to disable add-ins that are possibly causing the crash. This would be the done automatically without the permission or approval from the user.

The next time you would open Outlook, you might find that some of the add-ins that you see everyday are apparently missing! Now there is no reason to panic, fortunately there is an easy way to bring them back to life and I will show you how!


  1. Click on the File Menu located in the top left hand corner. Screenshot (1).png
  2. Click on the Info tab on the left and scroll down.

Screenshot (3)

3. Scroll down and click on Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins. Screenshot (2).png

4. Click on the Add-in that you want to enable. Screenshot (4).png


And now you have brought your add-in back to life 🙂 !




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