Deleting Outlook Add-ins

Outlook as we all know is a popular email client. It gives you the functionality of connecting to different applications. In order to do that one would need to Install an add-in for that application.

Over a period of time if you go on adding add-ins, Outlook would reach a point where it would become terribly slow and prone to constant crashes. This is a time when you need to start thinking about deleting add-ins that you don’t need.

Fortunately deleting Add-ins in Outlook is very easy. It is similar to uninstalling an application in Windows. Most of the outlook add-ins would be located in the Programs and Features section of the control panel. All you would have to do is go to the Programs and Features section and uninstall the add-in.


  1. To open Programs and Features, there is a shortcut. Press the Windows Key and X, this would then open up a menu that would appear to be something like this Screenshot (257)
  2. Click on Programs and Features.
  3. This would then take you to the Programs and Features section of the control panel, where you can uninstall that add-in. Screenshot (258).png

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