With each passing day, we are witnessing an Increasing presence of companies on the Internet. Getting your brand on the web increases the probability of reaching out to a larger number of people. But in this day and age simply putting your website on the Internet is not enough, it needs to be ranked high on the results from search engines so that people looking for a product that you are dealing with can reach you. If you don’t take the required steps, your website would most likely go into a “Cyber Black hole” where no one can search for your website.

One of the simplest things a webmaster of your website could do is to create a Sitemap.

What is a Sitemap?

A Sitemap is an XML file which contains a list of URL’s for a site along with additional Information related to the URL like Last Modified, its Importance with reference to other URL’s, frequency of changes etc.  This is an example of a sitemap which list the URL’s along with Information such as Last Modified, Frequency and Priority.


Web crawler is a common component used by every search engine. A web crawler basically goes through a page and extracts certain Information which can be used on the Search results. A Sitemap would actually help the Web crawler when it visits a site. It would know which URL’s to go to and the content to extract.

So creating a Sitemap is highly necessary in order to make your presence felt in the Internet.


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