Issues with Outlook

Outlook is probably one of the most sought after and popular email client out there but like everyone else it has got it’s own fair share of problems. Since it’s launch with MS DOS the problems which the end users face are still prevalent even with the latest version which is Outlook 2016.

outlook_mail_logoThe Interesting part of the whole story is that Issues are not localized to one specific part of the system but rather span across the width. It ranges from Password Prompt to Outlook crashes. And a solution that may solve an Issue for one user might not be the fix for another user with the same problem! Outlook is strange in that way to say the least. But even with it’s shortcomings and Issues, it is still one of the email clients with the highest user base.

Having Outlook in an Organization has always put the IT Department on it’s toes. Since, there would be always be a support request from an end user every other day. Outlook is definitely an application that requires attention. It is not a “once Install and then forget about it ” kind of situation because there is always a high probability of an Issue occurring.

In a series of blogs I will be posting different Outlook Issues that I have encountered and how it was fixed. And please note that the solution which appears in this blog may not be a fix for yours even if it is the same Issue.


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