To Configure Windows Authentication for an IIS Server

Windows Authentication is a secure form of Authentication since the credentials are hashed before they are sent across the network. IIS is a web server which is Installed in the Windows Server Operating System. In Order to configure or Enable Windows Authentication for an IIS Server, one must follow these steps-

  1. On Start, search for “Administrative Tools” and click it. screenshot-136
  2. Then click on IIS Manager .Screenshot (137).png
  3.  Expand the “Sites” Column and select the site which you would like to configure. screenshot-138
  4.  In the Features View, click on Authentication under the IIS Section. Screenshot (139).png
  5. Select Windows AuthenticationScreenshot (140).png
  6. Do a Right Click and select Enable.Screenshot (141).png

Now Windows Authentication is enabled for that particular site. By default Windows Authentication uses the Kerberos Protocol.


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