Connecting to Skype for Business Online using PowerShell

Skype for Business is used by organizations as a means for communication. Management operations can be performed on the Skype for Business Admin Center. Sometimes you might need to perform bulk operations at a time. In that case one would have to use Power Shell in order to connect to Skype for Business Online and accomplish the tasks.


  1. Download and Install the Skype for Business Online, Windows PowerShell Module.
  2. Click the Start Button and Search for Windows Power Shell.
  3. Do a right click and select “Run as Administrator”
  4. Run this command set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
  5. Then type this cmdlet $credential= Get-Credential
  6. A Windows PowerShell Credential box would pop up. Type in your credentials.
  7. Then run $session= New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $credential
  8. Import-PSSession $session
  9. Then run Get-Module. If you see a table with 3 columns- ModuleType, Name and Exported Commands then the Skype for Business cmdlets are ready for use.Screenshot (116).png
  10. After achieving the objectives, one would have to close the Power Shell session. In order to do that, run this cmdlet Remove-PSSession $session . One must note that simply closing the Power Shell window would not terminate the Power Shell Session.

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