Office Deployment Tool


There may be times when we want to selectively Install Applications on a Computer or we might want to test the Updates before they are released to the Users. This is when we need the Office Deployment Tool. It is a command line tool, for managing deployments of Office 365 within an Organization.

Office Deployment Tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center . The Installation would contain two files setup.exe and configuration.xml. The XML file is used to for customizing the Installation. One could specify the Applications which need to be excluded from the Installation, the Target Version and so on.

In order to download files to a Shared Location on a server one would have to first modify the XML file and then run this command setup.exe /download. In the XML file one needs to specify the path where the files would reside, this can be done by adding this line <Add Source Path=”\”>

Once the files are downloaded, it needs to be Installed on the Client Computers. The Command for that would be setup.exe /configure. With the Office Deployment Tool, one can manage the Updates and test them before it is deployed on a Client Computer. In Order to test the Updates on a Particular computer, one would have to add this line on the XML file <Updates Enabled=”True” Update Path=”server”>


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