Uninstalling Office 365

There might be times when you want to uninstall Office 365. Some of the reasons might be that the current Installation is causing Issues or you might have Installed the wrong system type. For example you might have Installed a 32 bit version of Office 365 but the O.S. of your computer might be 64 bit or vice-versa.

Uninstalling Office 365 is not too difficult and it doesn’t take a long time. Normally it takes approximately 11 Minutes to Uninstall. Here are the steps to uninstall Office 365 on Windows 10.

Total Time: 11 Minutes


  1. Do Win+X and click on Programs and Features.screenshot-100
  2. Then Select Office 365 , do a right click and choose Uninstall
  3. Then you would see a Dialog Box which says that it is Uninstalling.Screenshot (91).pngScreenshot (92).png
  4. It would run through 4 steps. And after the 4th Step, it would notify that the un installation was successful. Screenshot (93).png
  5. Now you might have to Restart your computer in order to complete the process.



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