Pointing your Domain to a Web Hosting Provider


In order to build a website, one must first have domain name or a web address to go to. For example in www.yahoo.com, yahoo.com is a domain name. And in http://www.cnn.com/, cnn.com is a domain name. So the Question now is how does one get or obtain a Domain Name? Well, in order to obtain a Domain Name of choice one most go to a Domain Registration Site and check whether the domain is available. In case the Domain is available you could register for it. Once the Domain is registered now one else can take your Domain Name. There are many Domain Registration Sites out there, GoDaddy, Name Cheap, Network Solutions are some of them.

Now once you have registered a Domain, the next step is to host a website. More often than not we choose a different Hosting Provider for a website. We do this for security reasons, that is to separate the place we register a Domain and the place where we host our website. There are again different hosting providers, some of them are Site5,Host Gator.

Once you have chosen a Hosting Provider and got your Domain registered, the next step is to connect the place where you registered your Domain with the Web Hosting Service. This is done so that your Domain Name can get linked to your website. In order to do this you would have to first note the Name Servers in your web Hosting Provider. Then log in to the Domain Registration Service and select the Domain you have registered, modify the DNS settings by adding the Name Servers of your web hosting provider. You would have two fields to fill- Name Server 1 and Name Server 2.

Now you should have the your Domain pointing to your web Hosting Service 🙂


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