Some common reasons  why websites are slow

Sometimes while opening a link to a website you might find that is slow. There are many possible reasons why the website is slow. One of the reasons is that the Images which are used on the websites are not compressed. Since it is not compressed, the size of the Image file would be larger than it should be. And it would take a longer time to download a larger file than the same file which is smaller.

These days Social Media has become popular. Almost all companies are into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. So normally to represent social media on a website one would normally have an Image for each social media platform. These icons would obviously be present on all the pages of the website maybe in the header or in the footer which is good. But what one doesn’t realize is that each time an http request is made to the server hosting the website, it would always be downloading those 3 Images-Twiiter, LinkedIn and Facebook. And it would be continuing to do the same, each time you visit a new page of the website. This essentially slows down a website.


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