The arrival of Google Pixel 

Google Pixel is the first smartphone which is fully developed by Google. Their previous phone Nexus, had some parts developed by other companies. Google proudly announced that it has used the best hardware and software to develop the phone.

Unlike iOS which has one sole manufacturer, Android has a numerous number of players in the market. So each company tries to differentiate itself by adding certain features particularly in the hardware side of things. Samsung came out with the Edge screen which is not there in any of the competitors. Then there was the fingerprint scanner.

A person in the Android market would like one feature from one manufacturer and another feature from some other manufacturer. So the person would never be satisfied if buys a phone from a certain manufacturer. 

In this circumstances, Google has taken forefront in coming up with a phone of its own. It’s products would try to have the best hardware and software features in the market. And the best part is that the phones from Google would be the first to receive the latest Android update. Even the high end Samsung phones don’t receive the latest update. Samsung Galaxy Edge currently runs Android 6.0 and the Google Pixel would be running Android 7.1!


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