There may be times when you try to setup a new router and you happen to have the old router which is connected nearby. Once the router is setup, one would get a default SSID  name displayed on the list of available WIFI connections.

But what if you want to customize the SSID name? For a Netgear router, one would have to goto this site . This would take you to the Netgear Dashboard for your router. From here you could goto the Wireless settings page where you can change the default SSID name and password to the one that you want and then update it.

But here is the catch, once you try updating it for some reason you would find that both the routers have the same SSID and password! This could happen since both the routers are kept close to each other.

If that happens then you would have to reconfigure the network name for one of the routers. While doing so make sure that  you turn the other router off before you start reading configuring the router. That is very important, if you don’t happen to follow that then it might lead to another interference.


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