Get the Anniversary Update for Windows 10

Windows 10 launched the Anniversary Update on August 2.  It is the biggest update since Windows 10 came into existence last year. But the update is still to come automatically on  many PC’s. Even though Microsoft announced that all PC’s running Windows 10 would be getting the upgrade by mid of October. If you can’t wait for the update

you could Install it manually. It is available here

Screenshot (37).png

So you have to go to the link and click on “Get the Anniversary Update now” . This would download an Installer for the Windows 10 Update, called the Windows 10 Update Assistant.

Screenshot (34).png

Once this pops up up click “Update Now”.  It will then run a compatibility check to see whether your PC is compatible.

Screenshot (35).png

Once it verifies that your PC is compatible, it will start downloading the update.

Screenshot (36).png

When your update has been Installed, it would give you 30 minutes to save your work before it would restart automatically to Install the update.

Screenshot (38).png


If you are ready anytime before that you could just do a “Restart Now” and wait for it to update. The Installation would take approximately 90 minutes, so be prepared to leave your PC for that amount of time!



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