Importance of having a smart watch

When smart watches first appeared a couple of years ago, many people liked it and many people didn’t and sadly the situation persists even today. 

They say that when you have a smartphone that notifies you about emails and messages why buy a smart watch. Well that argument would have been quite reasonable sometime ago but not now.

You might have very well heard about the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. With news of a device bursting every single day. Now phones are akin to carrying a live bomb which might burst anytime and you will never know when it will happen.

So in today’s world even though smartphones have become unseparable, it is always good to keep them at a distance unless otherwise necessary. Now having a smart watch here is a key because you can get notified about messages and Incoming phone calls and then attend to them when required. 

With a Smart Watch one does not need to have a phone with them all the time which is good in a sense that people have the opportunity to become more social rather than staring at their phones. It would make the world a better place to live ☺


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