Tips for connecting your usb to a printer

Most of the printers available now days can be connected to the WiFi network. In this case it is quite seamless to print documents from across devices. 

But unfortunately we still have printing devices that are old school and don’t have that facility. So in this case the only way to print a document would be to either wire up the printer with your laptop or use a thumb drive. 

More often than not when you try and connect the thumb drive to the printer it might either.not recognize your device or even if it recognizes it it can’t recognize the files in your drive.

Well either way presents quite an unpleasant situation especially if you need the documents urgently. Fortunately there is a solution for the second case. But make sure you have the files in your drive backed up somewhere. So the solution is to reformat your drive which would probably not take too long depending on the size and the amount of files stored.

Once you reformat the drive, the printer most likely would recognize your flash drive.


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