Windows-Set as Default Communication Device

While playing around with the Audio properties of your devices you might have come across two similar looking options-

  • Set as Default Device 
  • Set as Default Communication Device

Screenshot (10).png

Set as Default Device refers to making the Device as a default playback device for Audio. And then the corresponding option Set as Default Communication Device  refers to making the device available for communication. It should respond when one opens a Skpe Application.

This option is particularly important. There are times when you connect your laptop to your external monitor and use your headphones for listening. In some cases your laptop might assign the external monitor as a default communication device even though you have connected your headphone. And above all that, the monitor might not even have external speakers! So it becomes an Issue when you are in a Skype Conference and you find that people can hear you but you cannot hear them because the laptop has assigned the monitor as a default communication device.

The tip here is that before you begin your Skype meeting, check your audio settings and ensure that the primary device you are going to use for communication-maybe your headphone is set as the Default Communication Device . 

In order to access the Audio Settings follow these steps-

  1. On the Windows Taskbar right click on the Audio icon
  2.  Select Playback devices Screenshot (12).png
  3. Then right click on the Device you want to set as the Default Communication Device.




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