Apple version 9.3.4

Apple recently added another version to it’s list. The update is mainly to fix some security Issues. There are no new features in this update.

Jailbreaking has become popular, especially among Apple devices. The reason being that it gives you the ability to add apps from different sources. So one is not restricted to download apps from the Apple App store.

Obviously Apple is not pleased with this rising trend. It is trying to fix all the possible loopholes which the Jailbreakers/ hackers might use.

This time there was an Issue with the 9.3.3 version. It was dealing with memory corruption. With kernel privileges an application can execute arbitrary code. A Jailbreaker named ‘Team Pangu’ exploited this loophole to jail break the device. This was the reason Apple immediately came with an updated version to fix this Issue.

This is officially the last version which we are going to see from version 9 unless the jail breakers again find a way to break into 9.3.4!

Apple will be coming out with Version 10 next month along with the much awaited IPhone 7.


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