False alarms in a building

Sometimes while working you suddenly hear an alarm and wonder what’s going on? And then you might hear an announcement that this is a false alarm and no action needs to be taken.

The first thing which might come to your mind if you are in this situation , is why did the alarm trigger at the first place?

One of the common and probable reasons for a false alarm is because of an increase in the heat or dust. And this might arise due to some maintainance activity happening in the building.

Most of the alarms installed in buildings are automatic. So it triggers as soon as there is an abnormal increase in heat or pollution for that matter. 

The bottom line is that the alarm should not have triggered in the first place. The responsibility lies in the staff that maintains the building. It is not something that you would like to hear at the first place and especially at work. Some people get paranoid when they hear such kind of alarms and just leave the buiding.

So it is important that people take responsibility and ensure that false alarms are not a frequent occurence.


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