Normally if one has to access intranet websites in an external location, VPN is used. But VPN only works on desktops or laptops. 

With the popularity of smaller devices like cell phones or an IPad, people like to work on them. But unfortunately VPN is not supported on these devices.

Maas360 is an application developed by IBM. It is basically like a secured container which is deployed into a device, especially an Ipad.

VPN from a source can be given to an IPad through MaaS360. One can deploy apps in the container. And anything which is running on the environment is fully secure.

Suppose if the IPad is lost. One can delete the content which is on MasS360. But like any other application this also has got it’s limitations.

Maas360 doesn’t have a fully functional browser within the environment like chrome or safari. So in case an application needs to use a browser it has to come out of Maas360 and use one of the browser apps like chrome and safari. This is not secure and it is not recommended especially  if you are working on confidential Information.

But that being sent IBM is continuing to develop and improve Maas360 and we might definitely see some changes in the future.


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